Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bloggers block

I can't think of anything worth blogging about anymore. I have a bunch of half written posts sitting in draft state that are too lame to finish and publish.

I want to blog - but the words just aren't coming.

Perhaps something will happen next week that will inspire me to blog about it.

Or, maybe I'm just all blogged out . . .


Ezra said...

I've been feeling that way lately too.

Beck said...

Let it ebb and flow... Don't force it. For me, sometimes it takes a spark or push to get going again - other times there's nothing to say.

However, just because you think the half-finished drafts are "too lame to finish", doesn't mean we, your faithful readers do, right?

I mean, even a "lame Abelard" is better than no Abelard at all... :)

Alan said...

What Beck said. It's not homework. Go with the flow. Life is not an endless stream of profundities. The deep and light, the profound and trivial, the sweet and sour, it's all part of the package. Go light sometimes. Relax. Post about the dilemma of picking the right cologne if you want. There is something to be delighted about and be grateful for every single day.