Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Two worlds

Two Worlds by Mormon Enigma

Two worlds, opposing one another
Each thinking that they are right and the other is wrong
Each saying vile things about the other in their rhetoric
With me caught in the middle
Trying to put one foot in each world
Understanding each worlds point of view
Yet, unable to reconcile
And unwilling to reject one world in favor of the other
Longing to be accepted in both worlds
But, I am shunned, rejected
A man without a world to call his own
In a void

I wrote this verse in my personal journal on November 3, 2006. A comment in my journal that accompanied this verse is "Gay-ness is a very politically charged topic in our society right now. Although I consider myself gay, I find myself on the opposite side of the fence politically. So, if I were in a room with other gay men, what would we talk about? Would they accept me and feel a bond with me? Or am I an outcast in both worlds?"

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