Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Torn by Mormon Enigma

I am living two different lives
Separate and distinct from each other
One on the outside that everyone sees
And another on the inside that only I know
And ne’er can these two lives ever meet
For they are in direct conflict with one another
And I must keep them separate
Like oil and water
They cannot mix
But, can I keep this up forever?
Or, will there come a day when these two lives cross?
What then?
Will I be forced to choose one over the other?
I cannot bear the thought
Because if I reject one of these lives
Then part of me will die with it
And I will no longer be whole
Or, perhaps the crossing of these two lives will destroy me forever
Taking not only my soul
But also a piece of the souls from those whom I love
So, I cannot, must not fail
These two lives must always remain distinct
And I must extract whatever the cost to do so
For I cannot bear the thought
Of what might happen to me
Or to those I love
Should these two lives ever meet

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