Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reader questions

Anonymous reader question (part 1): Where did you serve your mission?
I was called to serve in the Missouri Independence mission.  About 6 months into my mission they formed the Missouri Saint Louis mission of which I became a part of and where I served the remainder of my mission.  The Saint Louis mission covered approximately the eastern half of Missouri and the southern half of Illinois; although, I spent my entire mission in the Missouri side of the mission.

Anonymous Reader question (part 2):  Any companion stories to tell that you've never shared?
I hate to admit it (because it makes me feel really old), but it's been 30 years since I returned home from my mission - much of my mission has become a distant memory.  I really don't remember much of my mission companions - but there are two that stick out in my mind.

Elder E
Elder E was my second companion.  Like me, he was older when he left.  Elder E was a very dedicated missionary - although, not in an annoying way.  He truly believed in and had a lot of enthusiasm for the work we were doing and his enthusiasm rubbed off on me.  I was very shy when I left on my mission; and, Elder E helped me come out of my shell.  I became very dedicated to Elder E - which, apparently, was obvious to other missionaries.  I remember one of our zone leaders once observing that I "followed him around like a little puppy"; although, I've never really understood what he meant in a mormon missionary sense since ... well ... isn't that how missionaries are supposed to be?

Elder K
I was companions with Elder K about midway through my mission.  He left on his mission a month after I did; so, we didn't really have a senior/junior companion relationship - we were just companions.  We were asked to open up a new area - well, reopen since the area had had missionaries in the past.  It was a small branch in rural Missouri, outside Saint Louis, that covered an entire county that was approximately a square 40 miles on a side.  And the real clincher - we didn't have a car, we only had our bikes to cover 160 square miles.

The branch met in a town that was not the largest in the county, by any means, but was pretty much in the center of the county; and, we lived in a trailer park outside of town - so we were pretty much isolated.  But, the branch was very excited to have missionaries again and was willing to do anything to help us out.  With the help of the branch mission leader, we arranged to drive to work with members who worked in the various towns in the county and just spend the day in that town proselyting.  Then we would meet them at their place of work at the end of the day for the drive back home.  Of course, this meant that we had to get up and out of the house much earlier than usual and it was too early to go start knocking on doors - so we would find some place, like a library or a fast food joint, to sit down and study for an hour or two before starting out.

Elder K and I became very close; although, it was an odd relationship since we didn't have hardly anything in common - he grew up on a farm in a small town in southern Utah and I was a city boy from California.  His dream was to own a farm of his own and my dream was to graduate from college with a degree in computer science.  He had mormon pioneer ancestors and I was a first generation mormon.  So, I don't really know why we clicked so well - but we did.  Although, we lost touch soon after returning home and haven't had any contact since.
Now, if the question was intended to mean if I was attracted to any of my missionary companions ... I will have to admit that I did find several of my missionary companions physically attractive; but, never to a point where I had unholy thoughts about them.  Well, maybe a few with Elder K ... :)

But, there was another elder that comes to mind (I can't even remember his name anymore).  We were never companions; but, we were in the same district and often went on splits together (probably 2 or 3 times per week).  Sometimes when we were meeting back at the apartment - we would arrive first and I would give him back rubs while we waited for our companions to return.  I had a definite attraction for him - if he had showed a similar interest in me ... well ... he's the one missionary I might have gotten sent home over ...

Anonymous reader question: Can you add LDS Reconciliation to the moho directory
I tried; but,the blogger gadget used on the MoHo Directory requires an RSS feed. If LDS Reconciliation has an RSS feed then please contact me privately so we can figure out how to add it.

Anonymous reader question: Who's the tallest MoHo?
I'm probably not the best one to ask that of as I've only met a couple in person. I will say that Evan is tall - at least he is taller than me; and, I'm 5'11½"


MoHoHawaii said...

Speaking of RSS feeds, is there any way you can provide an aggregate RSS feed from the MoHo directory?

Evan said...


Anonymous said...

I am 5'11- tallest female MoHo?

And, for a computer un-guru as myself, what is an RSS feed and how does it work? And, what did MoHoHawaii mean when he was talking about an "aggregate RSS feed"? Would you be so kind to explain?

Thank you, "Abe". Happy day to you and yours! And, go TCU- hope they wallop the pants off of University of Utah today.

MoHoHawaii said...

An RSS feed lets you use a program like Google Reader to read new blog posts without having to visit that blog. Effectively, the blog notifies you when there's a new post to read. See

An aggregate RSS feed notifies you when any of the blogs subscribed to by the aggregator (in this case the MoHo directory) has a new post.

If you aren't using Google Reader, please start!

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That settles it - I'll declare Evan as the tallest MoHo.

That is, until someone else chimes in who is even taller :)

Abelard Enigma said...

is there any way you can provide an aggregate RSS feed from the MoHo directory?

If there is - it's beyond my level of expertise since the blogs in the list are not individual posts.

But, If anyone knowledgeable in this area is willing to work with me - we can try to figure it out.

Abelard Enigma said...

And, go TCU- hope they wallop the pants off of University of Utah today.

TCU is playing UofU? I guess we don't have any UofU fans in my ward because I hadn't heard anything (and perish the thought that I might actually read the sports section to find out - that section is best saved to line the bottom of the rabbit cage - IMOHO).

Now when TCU was playing BYU then members of my ward got all excited. I mean seriously - I thought some of them were going to pee in their pants they were so excited ...

Anonymous said...

Draco is taller - ;P

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