Thursday, April 2, 2015

A realization

There was once a time when I would receive an email whenever a comment was awaiting approval.  I don't use my id much, but I do check it occasionally.  I hadn't gotten any emails in a long while indicating comments; so, I just assumed that nobody was reading my blog.

Today, I happened to log onto blogger and, lo and behold, there were 6 comments awaiting approval - all from several months ago. So, apparently, there are some people who read my blog.  With this realization, perhaps I'll start blogging a little more frequently ... and I'll be better about approving comments sooner now that I know I have to check blogger rather than relying on email.

There are a few possible blog topic's I've been thinking about of late:

  • Religious Freedom laws (like that which was recently passed in Indiana) - Teaser: I'm not as totally against them as others in the gay community
  •  Hypocrisy (in both the gay and anti-gay communities)
  • The Fosters - a TV series my wife and I recently started watching on Netflix.  It is about a lesbian couple with 5 children - one the biological son of one of the women and the other 4 are adopted and/or fostered.

  • Dealing with loneliness and depression

btw, both "The Falls" and "The Falls: A Testament of Love" are now available on Hulu Plus - unedited (I was a bit surprised when I watched them again recently - and there was the shower scene with Benjamin Farmers manhood in full view)

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Philip said...

Hi Abe,

I would very much like to talk about loneliness and depression.

I would very much like to hear your views on loneliness and depression.

But most of all I would just like to hear from you.