Saturday, February 2, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is this weekend. "But wait..." I hear you asking "You're not into football, why do you know about Superbowl Sunday?" Because the friggin radio, TV, random guy on the street, you name it, is telling me every 5 seconds or so! Is there a presidential election this year? I wouldn't know - all I hear about is football! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Seriously folks, you don't know what it's like living in Texas during football season. You may think you know - you may say "yeah, football is big around here too." But, trust me, if you've never lived in Texas then you really don't know. I grew up in California and didn't move to Texas until after I was married; so, I know what it's like outside of Texas. Football isn't just big here - it's huge! It's consuming!

I'm really grateful that the Dallas Cowboys aren't in the superbowl - the last time was, I think, about 12 or 13 years ago. It was much worse then - we were deluged by superbowl everywhere we went! The Cowboys colors are blue and silver; so, everything was blue and silver (which ends up looking like gray in many cases). The grocery stores were selling Cowboys cookies; they had football shaped meatloaf. They were even selling blue and gray tortilla chips and blue and gray bread - seriously, that's just not right!

The Dallas Cowboys are getting a brand spanking new stadium in Arlington Texas (courtesy of the tax payers); and, Superbowl 2011 is scheduled to be played there. Can I come to Utah that weekend?


Peter said...

I have never in my life watched the superbowl. In fact, I've never seen a complete game on TV before.

Does it look like the picture you have in your post,? Because that may prompt me to tune in tomorrow.

Abelard Enigma said...

Does it look like the picture you have in your post?

You're asking me??? How would I know? Even when I was in marching band back in high school and college, I was totally oblivious to the game, getting caught up more in camaraderie with the other band members. People would ask me who won after the game - and I seriously did not know.

This does remind me of a story. One thanksgiving, we invited a family over for dinner. When they came, they told us they had agreed to go pickup some other people at the Cowboy's stadium when the big game was over. I innocently asked "how will we know when the game is over?" He looked at me incredulously "um, won't we be watching it?" After seeing the look on my face he said "uh, I'll just go check it once in a while so that I know when to leave."

Max Power said...

Does it look like the picture you have in your post,? Because that may prompt me to tune in tomorrow.

Amen, brother. I might even start playing it if that's the case. :D

One of So Many said...

Damn Greenbay knocking out my Seahawks. They would have won if it hadn't snowed. Grrrrr....

I'm boycotting the Superbowl for that fact...well maybe not. I like the commercials, and the big strong guys with those tight pants....

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Besides the tight pants, there is only one reason I really would watch the superbowl - Pre-game and half time shows and commercials.

Abelard Enigma said...

Damn Greenbay knocking out my Seahawks.

Is that who's playing today? Seriously, I didn't know. Who is the other team - wait, on second thought, I don't really care.

I like the commercials

Just wait a couple of hours, they'll all be on YouTube.

and the big strong guys with those tight pants

Were I to ever get interested in a sport, I think it would be something like soccer or basketball - where you can actually see the guys. :)

Vanson said...

I hardly watched the superbowl on sunday...

However, I was rather upset that the Cowboys lost to the Giants... and then the Packers lost to the Giants.

No one here was going for either one of those teams.. lol

Beck said...

During the Super Bowl, we were at Church at a Young Women Recognition event for our daughter. There was a certain other family that grumbled very loudly about the injustice of holding such an event on Super Bowl Sunday and were threatening to boycott the meeting (honoring the valiance of their daughter). In the end they attended and I didn't hear anyone say anything about missing the game.

Sean said...

ok so i watched the game with some friends.....yes it was DULL. However i very much enjoyed the companionship of the friends. They even tried to explain how the game was played.

i cant say that i really paid that much attention to the game. i kept wondering how they keep the grass so green and how much damage was being done to the grass. it was only at the end of the long game that i was told that the grass was fake!!!!

"some" of the commercials were funny.

in the end i just liked the comoradarie and the wings werent as hot at i thought they were going to be.

oh and when i finally figured out which team was what colour...i realized that it was the cuttie guy's team all along. "Go Cuttie Guy....and team!"