Thursday, January 31, 2008

Uh oh

When I first checked my blog's reading level a few weeks ago using The Blog Readability Test, I was scored at genius level.

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Last night I just checked again; and, now my blog has digressed to High School level.

blog readability test

What does this mean? Is blogging making me dumber? Do I need to start using a bunch more of them big words? I removed the blog reading level from the right sidebar on my blog because, let's face it, a high school reading level is nothing to write home about.

I did a bit of random checking of other blogs in the queerosphere; and, some of your blogs tested at Junior High and even Elementary School reading level. But, others tested at College and Genius reading level. So, I guess, High School is right smack in the middle. [sigh] That's the story of my life. Mary Poppins may have been practically perfect in every way; but, I am dreadfully average in every way.

UPDATE: Results of the reading level poll


Potentate said...

Sigh . . . I got junior high.



Cheer up! Puppies and kittens are still cute.

Max Power said...

Yeah, I'm only High School as well. But I attribute that to many years of working in the real world and being dumbified by the idiots I deal with on a daily basis.

draco said...

I varied from elementary to genius, depending on the post, but my over-all rating was junior high. I'm not surprised. Everyone is always telling me how I'm just a big kid at heart.

I still think you're a genius, Abelard.

Anonymous said...

I got genius for my surprise. I have been following your blog for few months- your blog is genius and my blog is no where near yours. I'm about 10000 light years behind you. The latter would be very apparent if we put our blogs side by side. I did save the URL address for my husband to see. It may come handy someday.:)