Monday, January 14, 2008

The code

I was perusing a dictionary of gay terminology recently (always seeking to expand my knowledge and such), and I came across a couple of terms I was unfamiliar with.
abigail: A gay nickname for a middle-age gay that is in the closet, or that the approach to love and life s conservative.

absolute code: [50s] the absolute code is that you do not expose a fellow homosexual to his straight friends, boss, or to the press. It is considered unfair to bring another gay or lesbian out. Coming out is a individual decision. Exposing that someone is gay. The person could, lost of job or position with straight friends, or family that one is not ready for.

The first term was interesting because it describes me (although, I'm still undecided on if I should be offended or not).

But, it's the second term that I specifically wanted to blog about. This is reminiscent of the pirate code. So, me thought, we need a MoHo code which, of course, is really more of a set of guidelines than actual rules.

I propose we add the absolute code (above) as the first article in the MoHo code.

Article I: A MoHo will not expose a fellow MoHo to their straight friends, school, employer, or to the press. It is bad form to bring another gay or lesbian out. Coming out is a individual decision as it could result in loss of a job, fellowship with straight friends or family, or other ramifications which they are not ready for.
A couple of other articles come to mind
Article II: A MoHo will respect the opinions of a fellow MoHo - even if those opinions are in direct conflict with other established truths.

Article III: A MoHo will respect the opinions of others outside of the MoHo community - no matter how stupid their opinions are.

Article IV: A MoHo will have a clever pseudonym which shall be their public persona. All public discussion concerning other MoHo's will only use their public pseudonym.

Any changes we need to make to the above proposed MoHo code articles? What other articles should we add to the MoHo code?

Stick to the code!


Scot said...

Or what?

A code needs a punishment… like, say, the gay man who exposes another has to watch an entire hour of Women’s Basketball, or the lesbians have to sit through an all male performance of Swan Lake.

Also, I fear Articles II and III could threaten to violate themselves :-).

Josh said...

How clever is clever?

Marmoreal said...

an all male performance of Swan Lake

wow, that's harsh :)

MoHoHawaii said...

I've actually seen an all-male performance of Swan Lake. It was performed by the Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. It featured a hilarious dying swan routine.

Now... basketball, that's another story. Even men's basketball causes my eyes to glaze over.

I promise never to break the MoHo code on penalty of watching 2 hours of women's basketball without an iPod or Amazon Kindle to keep me occupied.

draco said...

Sign me on