Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What were you doing?

What were you doing when you got the news about President Hinkley?

My wife and I were watching Torchwood (season 2 started on Sunday) when my daughter called (about 9:30pm central time) to ask if we had heard the news. She told us it had just been posted on lds.org. Interestingly, I had just been on lds.org prior to watching Torchwood looking up some information; so, I went back to the computer (which still had the lds.org home page up) and didn't see it until after I refreshed the page; so, it must have just been posted in the last 30 minutes or so prior to my daughter calling.

We had recorded Torchwood on our DVR and were not watching it in real time. We paused the DVR when my daughter called. After hanging up, we left it on pause and talked about President Hinkley for a bit. Then we un-paused it and finished watching the show. My other daughter also likes Torchwood; so, we left it on the DVR when we were done for her to watch it when she comes over sometime (to do laundry or something).

This episode of Torchwood had James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) as a guest star. When Captain Jack (John Barrowman) confronted John Hart (James Marsters). First they kissed, then they proceeded to beat each other up. Later in the show was more kissing and more fighting. There is a love/hate relationship between them which, I hope, will be explored further in future episodes.

Speaking of the M-M kissing scene, my wifes only comment was (referring to my daughter) "I don't think she'll like that part."

Here, check it out yourself.

I love the last line in this clip: "It is more fun when he's around though." The same can be said about President Hinkley - it was more fun when he was around. He will be missed; Thomas S. Monson has tremendous shoes to fill.

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Sean said...

i didnt know til the next day. i got up early to hear of the schools were closed do to heavy snow...but instead i got the news that pres Hincley died.