Friday, May 30, 2008

Feed me

Wednesday, I met with the youth at church for a combined activity where they served hamburgers and had games outside.

Thursday, the Relief Society had a lake party and asked me to come to cook hamburgers and hot dogs. To help make it a bit more interesting, I also brought some Texas 1015 sweet onions, fresh pineapple and stuffed mushrooms to grill and serve with the hamburgers.

Friday, I met at the church at 5:30am to help fix a pancake breakfast for the Seminary students.

Saturday, I'll be helping our youth with a Spaghetti fund raising dinner for girls camp and the young men's upcoming Philmont Scout trek. They'll be auctioning off desserts and service hours.

The scoutmaster had also asked me to meet with them this last Tuesday to help a couple of scouts finish up the Photography merit badge - so I asked him "are you going to feed me?"

And then on Sunday, I'll fast ...


MohoInTx said...

So we need a cook for the next Texan moho campout we go on ;)

I cooked at big bend, but was only limited to hot dogs.

Abelard Enigma said...

I do love to cook!

As to cooking on the next Texan moho campout - perhaps if there is a nice cabin nearby with air conditioning :)