Monday, November 9, 2009

bikini girls

Someone recently found my blog after googling "bikini girls" - they didn't stay long, I'm guessing my blog wasn't quite what they were looking for.

Other recent google searches that led people to my blog
  • kris allen lds?
  • kimball, edward l., "the history of lds temple admission standards,"
  • mormon ashley madison
  • lds ward executive secretary calling sucks
  • starting spinich seeds
  • mormon men sexually bored
  • mormon blogger theme
  • how to take lds minutes of meeting
  • lds seminary, jacob
  • lds sacrament meeting testimony bearing
  • Mormon Wanking
  • the morman outlook on the afterlife
  • mormonism is retarded


Jon said...

Nice. I was thinking about doing a similar post of searches that led people to my blog. I get lots of people doing searches on lingirie.

Grant Haws said...

My favorite for my own is "they're coming to burn the house down".

Quinn said...

HAHAHA... nice references. It would be interesting to see which blog post they were directed to for each one.

playasinmar said...

Ha ha...Mormon wanking. Those Brits.