Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jumping to conclusions or valid concerns

Regarding the recent statement by the LDS church supporting the nondiscrimination ordinance in SLC, I keep reading, studying, and pondering; and, I vacillate back and forth between a fair amount of skepticism and thinking that, perhaps, I was too quick to pass judgment against the LDS church regarding their motivations. I don't know, maybe it's just me seeing conspiracy where none exists. I'm man enough to admit that I might be wrong; but, I'm not yet convinced that I am wrong. That said, my feelings today are that, even if it was just a PR stunt - it's still a good thing.

I previously mentioned that even our local Texas newspaper had a little blurb about it last Wednesday. Well, last Thursday they included a whole article - unprecedented! Seriously - this is Baptist country, most of whom normally couldn't care less what goes on in SLC. So, seeing it in our newspaper, not once - but twice, means this must be big news.

I really don't know why I"m letting this bother me so much - it doesn't affect me in the least. I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I've even been in Utah - and I can't envision myself ever living there, much less Salt Lake City.

It's just that with all that's happened over the last couple of years - it feels like we've taken one step forward ("God Loveth His Children" pamphlet) then two leaps backwards (prop 8). I can't dismiss this fear that this is another step forward with a leap backward on the horizon. I guess I'm afraid to get my hopes up again.

I think Drew Stelter succinctly articulated how I feel: I just don't want my church to be involved in politics [PERIOD]. It doesn't matter if I agree or disagree with their position - I don't think it's becoming of a church that is supposed to be bringing people closer to God to get tangled up in the institutions of man. Politics is dirty business, and you can't expect to come out untainted if you choose to become involved - regardless of how pure your intentions might be.

I read somewhere (don't recall where) an opinion which I tend to agree with: The LDS church needs to get out of the business of fighting gays and back to the business of helping hurricane victims.


Max Power said...

That statement was by my good friend Fred Karger of californiansagainsthate.com

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

I quite agree, Abe. Of course, Church leaders have gone a-politicking before (during the Wilson years Salt Lake was publicly split over the idea of the League of Nations)...but as you pointed out, such forays into the swamp inevitably muddy the adventurer.

J G-W said...

I still think we can't really judge "intentions" from public actions. Everybody accusing the LDS Church of insincerity in this instance all agree that the LDS Church actually did the right thing. Maybe we should be happy with that, and call it a day.

My own post on this subject I acknowledged disappointment that the Church felt obligated to reaffirm their commitment to inequality for me and my family. We are still denied the hundreds of rights that heterosexual couples may take for granted.

But as to the step in question -- supporting an ordinance banning discrimination in housing and employment -- I can't complain at all (whatever the intentions may have been). For what it's worth, the Church has been taking some pretty severe flak (and will probably continue to take flak) from conservatives for this move.

Anonymous said...

Ive read your blog a few times over the last year or so and every time I come back you get more and more pessimistic. I honestly can't believe you would think it was just a PR stunt. You obviously aren't happy with the church and you are letting it cloud your vision.

Max Power said...

LOLZ, Anonymous.

The church does a plenty fine job of clouding the vision of it's gay members. I remember when I was an active, struggling member and how depressed and suicidal I felt. Now that I've stepped away from the church, my vision is much, much more clear and my life is much, much more peaceful.

BB said...

I agree Abelard. I think the Church should stay out of politics, but only until the point where politics interferes with the Church. I don't think that has happened, but the Church seems to fear it will. Just listen to Elder Oaks.

Anonymous said...

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