Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An invitation

I received the following email earlier today:
celine has asked to be your friend at BoreMe.

celine sent this message:
I am Interested In You, Hello Dear, My name is celine, 23 years old girl and I am average in height and fair in complexion, I am a loving, romantic and caring angel. I read your profile truly is quiet interesting to me then I decide to contact you. I really want to have a good relationship with you. Moreover I love what I see in your profile so you can reach me through my email ( ) so that I will send my beautiful pictures to you and also tell you more about my self. I know age will not be a bearer to our relationship, what I need is just your love and caring.and I will give you my best, have a nice day and stay blessed. With Love,celine ...

I've never even heard of BoreMe prior to receiving this email - I most certainly never created a profile there

Methinks celine wants to send me naughty pictures - no doubt to entice me to spend $$$ on more feminine naughtiness.


Sorry celine, but your supple breasts and other womanly parts have no effect on me.

Bwaaa ha ha . . . I have foiled your evil plot!

P.S.  Perhaps you might have more success if you learned proper grammar.


Mister Curie said...


I also think it's funny when the oriental person spams the MoHo blogs with links to women's porn sites. They really don't know their audience, do they!

Chedner said...

Celine's a tease. She never returns my emails.

A.J. said...

send her my email .....I'm kidding. She does look hot .....kinda

Other Species said...

Oh, the perils of spam advertising.

Max Power said...

That whore! She said we were exclusive!

Mark said...

I understand how you feel about her supple breasts and other womanly parts not being appealing to you. I used to receive a lot of spam friend request on twitter. They were sent by girls who had links as part of their profile. I clicked on one one day and it brought me to a bunch of pictures of various womanly parts. I was tempted to look at them not because I was attracted to them but merely out of curiosity since I have never seen those "parts" up close before. Now, if the invitations had been by some hunk named Jake, that might have been a different story. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, "Abe", that using good grammar would go a long way! :)

By the way, I really want to thank you for taking all of the time and energy it must have taken to create the MoHo directory. It is SO nice to have a link to all of these blogs, and that you did this for us all is SO very thoughtful and kind of you! Thank you SO much!!

Hope the job searching is coming along for you.

and, hoping your photography business is doing well, too. :)

Love and respect, always. slp