Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy birthday Kris

Today is Kris Allen's birthday - he is 25 years old.

For anybody new to this blog - Kris Allen (2009 American Idol winner) is my imaginary boyfriend.  Of course, in my imaginary world, I am young and skinny and hot looking and single and ...



Anonymous said...

I was JUST thinking about Kris Allen! I was outside on my bench watching a cat prowling dumb crows and "Aint no sunshine" by KA came on my I-Pod. :)

You and Kris would make quite the romantic pair- "Enigma" and Kris, up in a tree... (Just teasing you a little)

Happy night!

Romulus said...


Quinn said...

Uhmmmmm, Kris is my boyfriend. Ill fight for him too! BRING IT!

Public Loneliness said...


I bet you're the #1 result when people google him; he is so yummy he makes 25 year olds wish they were young and cute and single, even if they already are. Way to go!!!

Abelard Enigma said...

Not if you google "kris allen" - but if you google "kris allen mormon" I am #1 in the search results list :)

And I still continue to get, at least, a couple of hits per day from someone googling "kris allen mormon" (or some variation)

Maybe we should form a Gay Mormon fans of Kris Allen fan club :)