Monday, March 26, 2012

The Dallas gayborhood

The intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Throckmorton Street near downtown Dallas is is the center of the Dallas gay community - also known as the Dallas gayborhood. It's really not that large of an area, just a few blocks really. And, to an unsuspecting person who just happened to be driving down the street - they might not even notice anything different than any other area with restaurants, bars, and clubs.

I remember my first trip to the Dallas gayborhood. It was not long after I finally accepted myself as gay. I was in Dallas for some reason I no longer remember. I had heard of the gayborhood and was curious. I got out my map and realized it wasn't that far out of my way; so, I took a little detour and drove through it.

It was actually a bit underwhelming - the streets were not lined with rainbow flags. I didn't see same sex couples walking down the street holding hands. In fact, the only thing that seemed a bit out of the ordinary was a cafe with an outdoor eating area where there were only men sitting at the tables. Still I was nervous, even fearful - it all seemed so forbidden.  I felt like I was committing some great sin by just being there even though I never even got out of my car. The only time I actually stopped was for a traffic light. Still, I felt guilty for some reason; so, I left and drove back home.

I've since been to the Dallas gayborhood a few times to meet with MoHo's for lunch or dinner.  I've strolled down the street, checked out some of the stores. It's a safe area where you can talk without fear of being looked down upon. Same sex couples can walk down the street holding hands without disapproving glares.

The other day I found myself in that part of town while making a delivery for our embroidery business.   I didn't even realize it when I left my home.  I was just following the GPS directions and noticed I was in a familiar place.  After making the delivery, I needed gas in my car; so, I pulled into the parking lot behind Hunky's (a hamburger joint where I've met with other MoHo's) so I could look up a nearby gas station on my GPS.

After filling up my car with gas, I was contemplating the different feeling I had this time compared with my first visit.  There was no feeling of guilt or fear; in fact, it felt familiar - even comfortable.

I've come a long way during the last 6 years since I've accepted myself as I really am.  I'm gay - and I'm OK with it.  And, sometimes it's nice just being around other gay people - even if they don't know, or even acknowledge, me.


Philip said...

I can relate.

I went from never feeling normal to feeling normal around gay people to feeling normal no matter who I was with to feeling free.

The feeling free thing comes and goes but it's nice.


Rick Wagner said...

Just remember dude, what you do with what's between your legs is different from what you do with what's in your heart.

Being gay involves love too and not just and casual orgasm.


weston krogstadt said...

Lame blog.