Friday, March 23, 2012

Utah Bound

I don't even know if anyone reads this blog anymore - especially since I haven't updated it in months.  But, I thought I'd throw this out there.

I will be driving through Salt Lake City in a couple of weeks and thought it would be fun to get together with some of the people I've known for years but have never met in person.

I'm on my way to Rexburg to help my son and his family move all of their stuff back to Texas.  My tentative plan is

  • April 8th (Easter Sunday), leave my house and drive to Farmington, NM
  • April 9th (Monday), leave Farmington and drive to Salt Lake City, UT
  • April 10th (Tuesday), leave SLC and drive to Rexburg

According to Mapquest, the drive from Farmington, NM to SLC is about 7-8 hours; so, I should be able to arrive in SLC by mid-afternoon.  I'm planning on getting a hotel there; so, I'm available for dinner and after.  Of course, if nobody responds, I may just keep driving to Rexburg

I thought about posting this to the MoHo facebook group - at least here, if nobody responds - I can rationalize that nobody reads my blog anyway. 

Anyway, let me know if interested ...  We can catch up on old (and new) times


Rebecca said...

I admit I don't read your blog often and this is my first time to comment. Thus being said, I hope your trip goes well. I have family up in Idaho and Utah as well. Not surprisingly because I am a 5th generation Mormon. I am currently in San Antonio, Texas due to the fact that my Dad is in the military. I have made that trip many times going to visit family. You should try and stop at "Hole in the Rock" if you get the chance very fun.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!

LCannon said...

I've just stated reading, too. Rexburg is always cold. Farmington, I'm guessing, is pretty warm. Bring attire for all seasons.

Beck said...

I have always read your blog from the very beginning! Frankly, I've missed your posts, delightful insights, and unique sarcasms immensely.

MoHoHawaii said...

I still read (or would still read if you posted more).

ControllerOne said...

Joining the chorus. I read and miss your posts.

Adrian said...

Me too.....

Miguel said...

Hey, I am always looking out for posts of yours, so yeah still reading! If you're going to be here on Monday the 9th then let's plan on having you meet some folks. I'll volunteer to meet for dinner, drinks and clubbing if you're up for that!

J/K dinner would be great (but if you want the others, just say so!) :-) I love to meet fellow bloggers!


Abelard Enigma said...

let's plan on having you meet some folks

Sounds fun!

I'll volunteer to meet for dinner, drinks and clubbing if you're up for that!

Dinner is good

Drinks are good - as long as I can get non-alcoholic (I'm OK if others drink something stronger)

Clubbing ... never been, sounds kinda scary :)

Miguel said...

Once you go clubbing, you'll never be the same person again, just saying!

And of course just kidding, as the bf says it is a school night so we can't party on too much. :-) Let me see what we can put together (from the welcoming committee here) and I'll let you know, but yeah it would be cool to meet you in person! YAY!

GeckoMan said...

I read your posts whenever they pop up, and I get around to checking out the Moho Directory. And I miss your wit and insight, dear Abelard.

Hey, why don't you make a little detour to Oregon?

Anonymous said...

of course I read it ; )

Anonymous said...

of course I read it ; )

Philip said...

If you are ever in Phoenix, look me up.

And if I am ever in Dallas, I may just drop by (after asking your permission first, of course).