Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Doggy doo list

Now that I have grandchildren who are toddling around, my big project this year is to enclose the swimming pool in the back yard; so, my son is coming over tomorrow and Friday to help me build some fence.

There is already fence along 3 sides of the pool; so, I just need to install one across the yard to completely enclose it. I want the fence to be, somewhat, decorative; so, I went to Home Depot last week and ordered some French Gothic pickets. It is not something they normally carry in stock; so, they had to be special ordered -they were supposed to arrive today.

I hadn't received a call about them; so, I called to check on the status. The guy I talked to said they should have been in by now; so, he was going to call to find out what is happening with the order and call me right back.

About 3 hours later I still hadn't been called back; so, I took my purchase order down to Home Depot to check on the status in person - figuring it wouldn't be as easy to forget about me if I'm standing there.

Turns out, the guy who took my order didn't code it right; so, when the order got to Home Depot headquarters it just said "pickets" instead of "French Gothic Pickets". The person responsible for doing the ordering didn't know which pickets to order - so they didn't order anything. AAARRRGGG!!! Anyway, the order is supposedly corrected now and the pickets will, allegedly, be here in 5 days. Of course, that doesn't do me much good tomorrow and Friday. But, we can dig holes and set the posts in concrete and then attach the cross pieces to that all that is left is to install the pickets - which I can do after work during the evenings.

I'm flabbergasted that the person responsible for ordering didn't pick up the phone to inquire about which pickets to order. Who knows how long this would have taken if I hadn't gone in to check on the status.

Home Depot is on my doggy doo list right now :(

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