Thursday, March 6, 2008

It snowed today

We don't usually get snow like this here in Texas, ice is more common. The picture on the left is the street in front of my house. It's not a lot of snow, maybe an inch or two - but it's a lot for us. The streets are slushy and will probably freeze tonight making the roads hazardous tomorrow morning. They'll probably shut everything down tomorrow. Schools will close, businesses will shut their doors. I know you guys living in Utah will probably laugh at us. The thing is, driving on ice is very different than driving on snow; plus, it happens so seldom that the local municipalities don't have adequate equipment to clean it up. The Freeways and main roads will probably be cleared, but none of the residential and side roads will be. It doesn't do much good to have the main road cleared if you can't get to it.

The iris in my garden don't seem to like it so much either. Neither do the daffodils which started blooming a week ago. :( I'm really looking forward to winter being over.

I sure am glad we have global warming - no telling how bad it would be otherwise.

So, how did you other Texans fare?


Vanson said...

We didn't get anything more than flurries and sleet. There was ice everywhere this morning, but nothing too hazardous on the roads.

Yesterday it got over 70 degrees here... and the high today was like 40.

I haaaate the cold.

Sean said...

well, in the land of the "real" west...we are sunny and warm. spring is springing and the tulips are peaking through.

reminds me that i have to trim up the apple tree tomorrow, cut down the old stems in the rasberry patch, finish racking the lawn from the fall. Clean up the grape vines, Redig the front garden. airate the grass. apply weed and feed. Clean the gutters and try to rehang the wooden gate. aaahh, i luv spring!

Romulus said...

My brother, who normally brags about the better weather, told me that it snowed. I guess you guys can enjoy the few times that it gets there.

Beck said...

You have irises and daffodils already?

Abelard Enigma said...

You have irises and daffodils already?

We do, that is a picture of iris in my back yard. This is the normal time of year for them to bloom. It's the snow that was unusual. We only got about 2 inches of snow; but, the town adjacent to us got 6 inches - that's nearly unheard of here - a veritable blizzard.

BTW conditions the next day were not as bad as expected. The streets were pretty clear by morning. A couple of school districts canceled classes; but, most only had a delayed opening.

Of course, for me, it doesn't much matter what the weather is doing since I work out of my home :(