Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pushing the gay agenda

Maybe this is old news for everyone else; but, I just became aware of a TV advertisement that played in the UK for Heinz deli mayonnaise which caused quite an uproar and was pulled a week later.

The ad opens with a family on a normal morning routine with a young boy and girl getting ready for school and their father preparing for the office. The young boy and girl go to the kitchen to get their sandwiches, which are being prepared by a man with a New York accent, dressed in a deli serving outfit, who they refer to as "mum". When their father goes to get his sandwich he says to mum in the kitchen: "See you tonight love." However, mum barks back "Hey, ain't you forgetting something?", at which point the two men share a kiss. Mum then sends the father off with the words: "Love you. Straight home from work, sweet cheeks."

The ad agency which produced the TV spot said
... the concept behind the campaign is that the product tastes so good, "It's as if you have your own New York deli man in your kitchen."
So, what do you think (survey on right)? Was this innocent ad that was, perhaps, misguided and misunderstood? Or was it a blatant attempt to push the homosexual agenda?

Interestingly, the TV ad carried an "ex-kids" restriction by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), meaning it cannot be shown in or around children's programming, because ... [wait for it] ... Heinz Deli Mayo falls foul of TV ad restrictions relating to products that are high in fat, salt and sugar.

UPDATE: Here are the results from the survey


A.J. said...

What gay agenda? Anyway I didn't find it offensive heck the kiss wasn't that big of a deal.

drex said...

I actually got what they were going for, rather than the gay overtones/undertones/whatever. Although that's a definite and obvious interpretation that they should have caught and prepared to either protect or disavow.

Sean said...

it was funny ....i dont get why people are in such tizzies....(mummble, mummble) such small minded putz's anyway.

MohoInTx said...

i thought it was cute.

ewe said...

the homosexual agenda is EQUALITY. I will never again purchase a Heinz product. That is the least i can do.

J G-W said...

What the...? You gotta be kiddin' me! All this fuss over that?! Hell's bells.

Sometimes I just get tired of being somebody's "agenda." I get tired of a family like mine being a mine field.

Nobody points out that harassing the TV stations until they pull the ads represents a political agenda too... And a not very nice one, if you ask me.

J G-W said...

HEY! That's Robert Deniro!!!

Pancakes said...

Thanks for the ad. I have been enjoying what I read off your blog and it is 100% okay to have a link to my blog.