Monday, February 23, 2009

Commie homo loving sons of guns

A bunch of commie homo loving sons of guns felt that Sean Penn deserved an oscar for his performance as Harvey Milk - and I agree. As I blogged about earlier, Sean Penn became Harvey Milk.

For those who saw the signs of hatred as our cars drove in tonight, I think that it is a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect and anticipate their great shame,and the shame in their grandchildren's eyes, if they continue that way of support - We've got to have equal rights for everyone!

And kudos to Dustin Black

To all of the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told they are less than by their churches, by the government, or by their families - that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value; and, that no matter what anyone tells you - God does love you, and that very soon, I promise you, that you will have equal rights, federally, across this great nation of ours!


Anonymous said...

I was so touched by what Dustin Black said.

Being out for so long, I have become somewhat complacent. It can't be helped. I can no longer conjure up what it felt like to be closeted or how difficult it was to come out. It's a distant memory now.

He reminded of when all that pain was fresh in my mind and the urgency I felt that things needed to change.

He reminded me of the many I have known that were healed of the hurt inflicted on them earlier.


Anonymous said...

I meant NOT YET healed of the hurt inflicted on them earlier.

Evan said...

I really like Black's speech. It was pretty much perfect.

I think Penn dipped a little bit too much into politics on his, and I am sick of some of my siblings criticizing him (who haven't even seen the movie, yet some how are able to claim that he won just because Hollywood is trying to push the gay agenda).

Grant Haws said...

Black's speech was is how I feel when I look at the lives of people like Harvey Milk.

Mariah and Byron Edgington said...

It's good to see high profile people understand the need, and speak out for equality. The era when the citizens of our country learn to live with respect and kindness for one another, will be a day for celebration.