Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gay Mormon news

I've reported on this before; but, it's important enough that I think it bears repeating

Camp Rock Hudson, Massachusetts - Gay Mormon polygamists have been arriving in droves at this remote corner of western Massachusetts ever since the state’s Supreme Judicial Court gave its approval last month to same-sex marriages.

“Looks like Massachusetts is going to end up being the ‘Promised Land,’” said Elder Moses Smith, who arrived yesterday at the gay polygamist compound with his spouses Ezekiel, Jacob, Joshua, Zachariah, Zebediah, Nehemiah and Kevin. “We mean no one any harm. All we want to do is to live in peace and to be left alone in order to have non-stop hot male action and watch “Malcolm in the Middle” reruns.

Traditional Mormon leaders denounced Elder Smith and the breakaway church he runs which is called the Church of Latter-Day Interior Decorators. “It’s not the gay orgies that we find so objectionable about the Latter-Day Decorators,” said Joseph Smith VIII, the 98-year old President of the Mormon Church who was speaking from his office in Salt Lake City. “What we really find offensive is that they drink coffee.”
Source: Gay Mormon Polygamists Flocking to Massachusetts from Broken Newz.

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Ned said...

Great April 1st post, Abe. Thanks for sharing. Since I'm new here I didn't see your original posting so I'm glad you found an excuse to repeat. Since I descend from polygamists and have a counter-clockwise hair sworl, there's a part of me that finds this fiction quite appealing. :)