Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog spam

I've begun receiving blog spam (comments not related to my posts - generally trying to sell something) fairly regularly. It's been a problem almost as long as I've had this blog; but, it was something that only happened once every few months. However, of late it's been a weekly occurrence and I worry that they may start coming even more frequently. I delete them when they come (I hope I've gotten all of them).

To combat this, I've changed my blog settings to enable comment moderation on posts over 21 days old. Hopefully that will take care of the problem. If not then I'll have to add word verification. As a last resort I'll disable anonymous comments. Although, I truly hope it doesn't come to that as I want everyone to feel like they can say something - even if they are not comfortable revealing their identity. I welcome all comments that are relevant to this blog - even from those who take issue with something I've said.

So, please feel comfortable saying anything you want to say in comments - even if you think I'm a degenerate scuzzbag not worthy of the air I breathe. I only ask that you be civil about it.


playasinmar said...

What's wrong with enabling word verification now?

J G-W said...

I enabled word verification a long time ago because of the same problem.

I didn't know you could set it so that comment moderation is automatically enabled after a certain period of time... That's cool!

evan said...

I have the monitoring for comments made on old posts on, and an e-mail notification for when people respond... that way I can just delete em right when i see them.

They really aren't that huge of an issue to me.

I think word verification is a nice option, but it is one extra step that is a tad bit annoying.