Monday, April 12, 2010

From bad to worse

Last night I walked past my front door and happened to notice that there was water running out of the garage.  "This can't be good" I thought - upon checking it out, there was water running out from the hot water heater.  Apparently, it sprung a leak and was flooding the garage.  I got the water intake turned off which stopped the flow.

So, this morning I had to stay home from work to deal with having no hot water for a shower, calling a plumber to come replace it, and cleaning up the mess in the garage.  It's the original hot water heater for the house, making it 26 years old.  So, I guess we got good service from it.   But, it's $1,000 expenditure to replace that I really cannot afford right now. 

Not to mention that I am moving to the day shift at Walmart starting this week.  Not showing up for work is such a great way to make a good first impression with the new boss.  I did call in, but still ...

Mind you, our microwave started smoking a couple of months ago and the broiler in our oven no longer works.  I find myself wondering which major appliance is next.

I was finally reaching a point where I was starting to feel like I really need to lift myself out of this funk that I'm in - and then BAM! - something else slams me down again.  I just don't want to do this anymore.  I want my old life back - the one where I had a job that pulled in enough money to pay the bills and handle little emergencies like this.

My only consolation was the plumbers young assistant ... who ... um ... was some nice eye candy.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Abe, I am sorry you are having problems with things wearing out on you. Hang in there- hope things get better for you!

I recently had the same problem with my water heater- it leaked all over my downstairs carpet. Oh, well, I guess after 34 years, it, too, had to go.

Happy night. Good luck with work tomorrow.

Bror said...

That really sucks dude. Sorry, I am on my 3rd water heater and I have only lived here 20 years.

Beck said...

I hate the "this can't be good" thoughts. Usually they never are!

This too shall pass, and someday instead of crying you'll break down and laugh at the thought of those "remember when" days.


Horizon said...

Hang in there! Ultimately my savings for travelling the world have always been spent on taxes, blown out tires and other broken things. Maybe I should rename it my "something-is-gonna-break-as-soon-as-you-have-enough-to-do-something-fun" fund.

Wyatt said...


ControllerOne said...

I hate having to spend money on things like that. Like tires for the car. Wouldn't it be nice in some ways to be kid again and spend your money on just fun things? I still remember the depressing feeling that came when my mom announced I was paying for my own haircuts.