Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've been such a terrible blogger lately.  And I've got the blogging stats to prove it.  Hits to my blog have dropped dramatically.  If it weren't for people googling about Kris Allen being a Mormon, I probably wouldn't get hardly any hits at all these days.

Speaking of American Idol, they sent one of our Texas boys, Tim Urban, home last week on American Idol.  Can't say I was surprised; although, to be fair, he did improve the last couple of weeks.  I will have to say that he did make some nice eye candy.  I think our last remaining Texas boy, Casey James, will be safe this week; but, I doubt he'll make it to the final three.  Personally, I think it's going to come down to Crystal Bowersox and Michael Lynche - with the former being my personal favorite.

I survived the water heater fiasco.  After the plumber left (taking his cute assistant with him [sigh]), I took a picture of the new hot water heater with my phone and texted it to my wife and children - confirming in their minds that I am, indeed, totally weird.  The new one sits higher due to newer city codes that weren't in effect in 1983 when the old one was installed.  So, I also lost a shelf in the process since it had to be removed.  I think I need to call the plumber back, however, because the hot water pressure seems lower than it was before.  Maybe he'll bring his cute assistant back with him :)

My wife is back home from California where she was visiting with our daughter who just had our 5th grandchild.  I think the hardest part about the water heater incident wasn't the money or the hassle, but was having to deal with everything by myself.

My temporary job at Walmart came to an end last week.  The grand re-opening was last Friday.  They offered a few people permanent jobs; but, nobody has said anything to me.  But, I'm OK as it's not like Walmart was my dream career; plus, most of the jobs they offered were for night shift stocking or maintenance.  So, now it's back to unemployment.

In other news, Glee is back!!!  As is Modern Family, Fringe, and Stargate Universe.  I'm not a big Madonna fan; but, I will have to say that the Glee Madonna episode was, musically, one of their best.  I wasn't as excited about last nights episode; but, it's still one of the best shows on TV.  Speaking of Glee, one of our very own Mormon Queerosphere members is auditioning for Glee - David Baker.  Visit his blog for more info, and then go view his video's, vote, do whatever it takes to help him be noticed.

I'm not completely caught up on RuPaul's Drag Race season 2.   I was saddened when they my personal favorite, Pandora Box, home. I was also sad when they sent Anthony home on Project Runway.  But, I do agree - he needs to grow a bit more.  Personally, I think Emilo should have won - but what do I know?!?

Not much else going on in the life of Abelard.  My vegetable garden is doing well.  I'm especially excited for the strawberries which wintered over and have strawberries on them - now if I can figure out a way to keep the birds from eating them when they ripen.  Most of the herbs in my herb garden also wintered over - it was nice being able to use fresh herbs throughout the winter months.  The only herbs I had to replant was basil - which was expected.  Well, I should clarify that basil was the only herb I HAD to replant - I went on a quest to find some Mexican Oregano which resulted in me now having 4 kinds of oregano:  Italian, Cuban, Hot & Spicy, and (finally) Mexican - which isn't even a true oregano, being more closely related to verbena.  Anyway, if you find yourself driving through Texas and have a need for some fresh herbs - give me a holler.


Anonymous said...

for the strawberries - a tight mesh cloth cover - or the white ground cover cloth would work - it'll allow it to grow up well, but keep the birds away - you'll also want to tent it a bit so that the birds can't manage to peck through.

Otherwise, best of luck in the job market. They say the economy grew 3% in the last quarter - so the turnaround is happening - hopefully this will help!

Beck said...

You make me laugh with what you think to include in your update. Thank God there is an Abelard out there that makes my day!

Anonymous said...

I think Crystal will be one of the two remaining, but I think Michael is going home soon. He's a nice guy, but not the overall appeal. I think Casey James did GREAT last night!

And, I agree with you- Glee was pretty bad last night.

Hope you are able to find a job.

Good luck!