Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It still sucks to be me

The other day I needed to go to the pet store to get some dog food. I opened up our A/C closet (which is where we happen to keep the dog leash) and there was water all over the floor of the closet - from a clogged condensation drain (another $250 down down the drain [pun intended]). Anyway, I walked into the pet store with my dog, and I felt really gay (in a good sort of way) - until she pooped on the floor. I sheepishly informed the clerk and ask for some towels to clean it up. Instead, she got on the PA and announced for all the world to hear "Service 92 near the ProPlan aisle, Service 92 near the ProPlan aisle". I don't think I'll ever be able to show my face in that store again.

We went to look at new dryers and the salesman (whom I'm pretty sure is gay) just about sold me on this $800 top loading dryer (it was sooo cool, er I mean hot - the dryer, not the salesman, he was old). Fortunately, my wife is the reasonable one and called a repairman who was able to fix our dryer. Seems it blew a fuse or something. Although, $141 for a new fuse seems awfully expensive - must have been something more complicated than what I'm envisioning (at least that's what I keep trying to tell myself. The money is already gone; so, don't spoil it for me).

The insurance company called and informed us that our car is going to car heaven. We have a rental car right now; but, it's so archaic. I mean, I can't remote start it to get the A/C going before I get in. For that matter, it doesn't have a key fob so I can't even unlock it remotely. It doesn't even have power locks - you have to push the button thingy down [how quaint]. When I want to roll the window down, I have to turn a crank! And it smells like stale cigarette smoke

(is anybody feeling sorry for me yet?)

Anyway, so we're shopping for a new car (did I mention how much I hate shopping for cars?). We think we've found the car we want; although, we're leaning towards a 2007 model (cheaper, especially with the rebate) which limits us on our selection. The salesman found one (which he has to transfer from another dealership) which has all of the features we asked for, except it's this hideous amber brown color. Oh well, at least it's not white, and it has remote start and power windows/locks (and it will have that new car smell, which is almost as bad as stale cigarette smoke).


playasinmar said...

So paint the dang car.

J G-W said...

It could be worse. You could be the senator of Idaho. Did anybody see that embarrassing ("nasty! bad! naughty boy!") clip on Jay Leno? Yikes!

Beck said...

You know what... your life sucks! :)

GeckoMan said...

Maybe when it comes time for buying the new drier, you should get one with a remote temperature control, in a sweet shade of amber brown. I'm seeing appliances now at Home Depot in all kinds of fab colors. How gay is that?

playasinmar said...

That depends, Gecko. Is paisley one of the options?