Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It sucks to be me

In addition to other problems I've already blogged about, in the past few days
  • My son was in a car accident and totaled our car. The good news is that he is OK. But, I hate shopping for cars - car dealers are the scum of the earth.
  • Our dryer died. When we called and described what it was doing (or, rather, what it wasn't doing), the guy said that it sounded like it needed a new motor; and, since it is 10 years old, we would probably be better off buying a new one.
Did I already say that I hate shopping for cars?


iwonder said...

But why? Getting a new car is (I imagine) totally fun.

I really need a new car.

I know! I'll give you mine which still does work, and I'll go shopping for a new car which you will then gift to me, and all our problems are solved. You get car that works, I get new car, you don't have to go shopping for new car. Everyone's happy!

Beck said...

Isn't there something about "bad things come in 3s"??

I'm sorry for your new misfortunes, but it looks like things have to be ready for a better cycle.

Max Power said...

How could you hate shopping? You're gay.

Kengo Biddles said...

I loathe car shopping.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can quote a lyric from "Avenue Q" deserves as much sympathy as we can all give.

drex said...

Car shopping's not so bad. You just have to know what you want, and be patient enough to drive down the price enough to be able to afford it. (: Yay for Asian bargaining skills!

Anonymous said...

i've totalled my car three times. I collect the insurance money and have it fixed. i'm a very loyal person. it's 17 years old and has 260,000 miles.

you're right, it's a volvo station wagon

Beck said...

I bought my last car sight-unseen because I hate car shopping so much. I chose the make, style, color with my wife and then, sent her to do all the arranging and then I came in for the final signing and got out of there in less than 30 minutes. As pathetic as that may sound, it's the only way to go!

BTW, Max, some of us HATE shopping, but are still as gay as rainbows!

GeckoMan said...

I hate buying a car at a dealer. The last time we went in to look at something it was 3 hours of talking and stalling, and then I ended up walking away mad after they offered a little more than half the value of my trade-in.

I'm now hooked on; I've sold two cars and bought one though this medium, and I get to deal with real people and don't have to pay tacked-on fees and taxes. Sweet!