Friday, August 17, 2007

Ask Abelard

I'm still alive and kicking. I just can't think of anything to blog about. So, I thought that, maybe, the 2 or 3 people that actually read my blog might have some question they've been dying to ask.

So, here is your chance. What do you want to know? You can ask my opinion on something, or something about me? Ask away.

Oh, and if nobody asks any questions it will cause me to have some serious self esteem issues :(


playasinmar said...

Best Star trek character: explain your answer.

Abelard Enigma said...

Best Star Trek character? Data, hands down. He's smart, strong, brave, and honorable, yet innocent and inquisitive (and not too bad looking either).

J said...

I think instead of "Ask Abelard" it should be "Dear Abbie." I'm still thinking of a question.

J G-W said...

This feels sort of shaking the lucky 8-ball and seeing what answer comes up.

OK, here's a question... I had a dream a few months ago in which my partner and I met Gordon B. Hinckley and his wife. Before I tell you what we said in my dream, let me ask you: What would you say if you had an opportunity to meet with President Hinckley?

Abelard Enigma said...

"Hey bro, whatsup?"

Seriously, I guess it depends on if this was a pre-planned meeting in which I had time to prepare, or if it was an impromptu meeting.

If the former, what I like to think I'd say is "As a gay Mormon, we already know the things we shouldn't be doing. How do you think the church could to improve on helping us figure out our place in the kingdom?". In reality, my mind would probably go completely blank and I would act like a bumbling fool.

If the latter then my brain would probably go completely blank and I'd act like a bumbling fool.

... I guess the type of meeting (planned or impromptu) doesn't really matter after all.

iwonder said...

The best way to prepare a meduim-sized, free-range thigh of chicken.

yes, they even have free-range thighs now-a-days.

Chedner said...

What is your favorite cereal?

Chedner said...

Oh, and which do you prefer: HD-DVD or Blu-ray?

Abelard Enigma said...

The best way to prepare a meduim-sized, free-range thigh of chicken.

I've always been more of a 'breast man' myself. My favorite parts of the chicken are (in order of preference) wing, breast, leg, thigh, everything else. That being said, the September 2007 issue of "Fine Cooking" has some tasty sounding recipes for chicken thigh's which I intend to try (for example, Indonesian grilled chicken thighs with mango-peanut salsa - doesn't that just sound fabulous?).

What is your favorite cereal?

I don't actually eat cereal much because I don't like milk. But lately I've been eating the new Life Chocolate Oat Crunch cereal. (anything with chocolate has to be good)

Oh, and which do you prefer: HD-DVD or Blu-ray?

Blu-ray - because of its higher capacity (50GB vs 30GB). The whole point of the next generation optical disk is higher capacity - so why settle for less?

Ron Schow said...


If you could answer your question to President Hinckley, what would it be?

Here is one thought you might consider also and respond to?

I've been talking with some active parents (temple workers, lots of church experience, etc) of LDS gays about teaming up with those in the MOHO and HOMO communities to create some kind of Ministry (not Church sponsored) in the Ogden to Provo area. I'd like to think it would have the kind of inclusiveness this part of the LDS blogosphere does including everyone from JG-W to Sam, etc etc. We are talking about using the sentence from the new Church pamphlet as the guiding statement. "No one is, or ever could be excluded from the circle of God's love or the extended arms of his Church, because we are all his beloved sons and daughters."

Abelard Enigma said...

teaming up with those in the MOHO and HOMO communities to create some kind of Ministry

On the surface I think that is a great idea. The problem I see is that so many of us have to maintain our anonymity. So, there are likely many would could benefit from such a ministry, but who would not take advantage of it out of fear. That is one of the big advantages of our little corner of the blogosphere - we are able to fellowship with one another virtually and reach a much wider audience.

If such a ministry were to be created, I would suggest it have a web presence as well as a face to face presence so as to maintain that same kind of virtual fellowshipping. I know we have Northern Lights; but, I'm thinking something more inclusive - akin to the Gay Christian Network where they have their Side-A and Side-B who, for the most part, coexist peacefully. In fact, someone could contact the Gay Christian Network to inquire about creating an LDS fellowship forum (similar to what they have for other denominations). I don't mean this as a criticism of Northern Lights, it is filling a specific need; however, on the right hand side of my blog, I have just over 100 links to other blogs by gay Mormon's - most of which are still active to some degree. A MoHo/HoMo ministry might be able to reach many of these that Northern Lights can't.

Ron Schow said...


I appreciate your suggestions on using the internet. I think that would have to be part of a ministry as you suggest.

We are not talking about a new organization here with non=profit status and all of that. I think there would simply be an effort to promote some dialogue and interaction among the current LDS organizations and especially to encourage Church participation. Accordingly, it would be nice for a ministry to take advantage of all the links you currently have to reach others, much as L apparently serves as a link for many to NL bloggers.

I don't totally understand Plan A and Plan B, and the Gay Christian Network, but I did listen to that broadcast you recommended. I'm doubtful our effort would fit there so much as with LDS groups, but admittedly I don't know much about how that all works.

But coming back to your question for President Hinckley, how do you think the church could improve on helping those experiencing SGA to figure out a place in the kingdom?".