Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas treats you want to like - but don't

Last night I made pressed cookies - you know, the kind where you put the dough into a cookie press and squeeze it out through metal plates in various shapes. The recipe is pretty simple, having only butter, sugar, egg, salt, flour, and flavoring; although, I opted to use pure coconut extract instead of vanilla.

They taste OK, but it's sorta like eating baked Play-DOH. Now I remember why I don't like pressed cookies.

Are there any Christmas treats that you feel like you want to like - but whenever you try it you're reminded that you don't like it?

btw, the cookie press I used looks exactly like the one pictured except the ends are the same metal as the body rather than being copper colored - it even has the same exact metal disks; so, I'm sure it's the same brand, just a different model or year. It belonged to my wifes grandmother. We have a newer one that has a trigger instead of a knob - but I found this one first.


Chedner said...

That looks like the exact same brand and model--copper and all--cookie press my mom had when I was growing up.

As for a Christmas treat I want to like but don't: peppermint candy canes--or peppermint anything; I've never really liked peppermint.

(Although... I do kind of enjoy the taste of play-DOH...)

kevin said...

Fruitcake. Especially my great-grandmother's. It's supposed to be delicious. It takes me about 20 minutes and a half of a gallon of milk to get through one slice.

Alan said...

I love peppermint and a good quality fruitcake too. But I hate those peanut butter cookie things with the chocolate kisses pressed into the center that seem to show up only at Christmas on plates from the neighbors. And why the #%$^ are they called "thumbprints"? Sounds like some recipe writer trying to be cute, and failing.

Realizing that I will probably offend many readers beyond forgiveness, I will confess that what I really hate is not a food, it's a song. Silent Night. I think I'm just sick of hearing it. Listening to its endless iterations ad nauseam is like drinking molasses with extra sugar. Like a faucet with a slow and unfixable drip. Like watching a car crash in slow motion over and over and over and over and over and over and over and . . .

That said, I am tolerant. I don't think less of those who like Silent Night. I just don't like having it force-fed to me as God's Gift to Christmas Music. There is so much better stuff out there. Anybody who's read this far without being completely pissed off can e-mail me for suggestions.

Better get off soapbox before I'm hounded out of the blogosphere.

Abelard Enigma said...

Peppermint - ugh! I was in denial that it even exists. Thanks for bringing it up :)

I'll eat fruitcake - but I won't enjoy it.

I like thumbprint cookies. I think they're called 'thumbprint' because you press on a ball of dough with your thumb and to make an indention for the chocolate kiss - but I could be wrong.

But, I hear ya on Silent Night - that has got to be my least favorite Christmas carol. I just don't get why people like it so much. I think the only hymn in the LDS hymnal I like even less is "I Stand All Amazed" - listening to that hymn is like fingernails across a chalkboard. But, just because I think people who like that hymn should be doomed to an eternal torment of listening to Lawrence Welk for eternity doesn't mean I don't love them.

Bror said...

Those green christmas trees and wreaths made with cornflakes. They just are to green and gross.

Beck said...

My mother made fruit cake and I always forgot how awful those fruit candies were until I foolishly took a bite each year.

Also, she made "divinity" which I crave each year, but then after one bite of that much sugar, I can't stand the thought of it for at least another year.

Really, though, I'm just nostalgic right now as my mother is now aged to the point of not being physically able to make anything anymore... and I'd do anything to have even her fruitcake or divinity again. You can buy things to replace homemade, but they just aren't the same. *sigh*