Friday, December 12, 2008

Random thoughts

Just some random thoughts meandering around in Abelard's brain today
  • I'm still not feeling very Christmasy, but I did start Christmas shopping.
  • Is it just me, or was that "Day without Gay" thing kinda goofy? I wonder how that worked out for them?
  • I didn't realize that Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter for "Milk", is family (gay and raised Mormon).
  • I'm playing hooky from our ward Christmas party this evening, although my wife went (alone).
  • I'm going to play hooky from stake general priesthood meeting tomorrow to take the grandkids to a Christmas train exhibit this guy has setup in his backyard. Cost of admission is canned goods which are donated to a local food bank. So, it counts as a good sabbath day activity (feeding the poor) - right?
  • People keep asking me what I want for Christmas - and I don't know!
  • I'm planning on going to see "Milk", and my wife is going to go with me (yeah!) - but I don't know when yet. It's playing in a few more theaters now, and one of them is in my hometown.
  • I've read "Milk" can be a real tearjerker, so I better take a handkerchief. Although, my wife has never seen me cry in a movie - so this could get awkward.
  • We watched "Stardust" on DVD last night - I thought it was OK, but my wife didn't like it at all.
  • I was unaware that the film "Stardust" had such gay overtones.
  • Only one more week of work - then I'm off for the rest of the year - yeah!
  • I'm still pissed off at the other ward we share the building with. When I arrived Friday morning to teach seminary - there were no chairs in the seminary room - they had taken them to the cultural hall to setup for their ward Christmas activity Friday evening. Mind you, there are plenty of classrooms between the cultural hall and the seminary room they could have pulled chairs out of; and, it was pretty obvious the room was being used for seminary since I had pictures displayed all over the room and they had to remove scriptures from the chairs in order to move them. - but they wanted the padded chairs - wusses!! I came home and wrote a scathing email to my bishop - I'm sure they'll all be shaking in their boots tomorrow.
  • There will only be 5 of us for Christmas dinner - so we decided to have a standing rib roast. I need to watch that Alton Brown "Good Eats" episode again - and then go to Home Depot to get a big clay flower pot.
  • I was appointed as an officer in the "I buy random grocery items because Alton Brown says it's good" Facebook group.
  • I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Alton Brown <3
  • I'm getting a lot of hits on my blog from people googling "doll that says allah is light" (or some variation) and "homo for romo" - I'll bet my blog isn't quite what they were expecting :)
  • Another year, and nobody will go to Tuba Christmas with me :(


kevin said...

I was wandering through Waldenbooks yesterday and came across a book called "Polygamy: The Mormon Enigma."

And I just chuckled and thought "That's not the Mormon Enigma..."

Bravone said...

Abe, thanks for sharing your random thoughts. I appreciate you and knowing that I can always rely on you in time of need.


Anonymous said...

"I buy random grocery items because Alton Brown says it's good"

Not sure if you still care about maintaining your anonymity but the bit of info is really revealing (unless you lied).

-from someone who is conscious of maintaining their anonymity on their blog.

Sean said...


Abe I'm not sure what the above anon writer is really trying to say here.... personally i dont know why "buying random grocery items because Alton Brown says it's good" would mark one as being "open" or even "gay" or whatever.... people just confuse me sometimes. :)

I cant say i loved Stardust but I enjoyed it... honestly my parents were watching the movie with us last Christmas.... so I was dying both of laughter and mortification on the inside.... I loved it when Capt Shakespear was cutting Tristain's hair and it became longer... he looke even sexier... i liked it. :)

Merry Christmas

Sean (aka: Loyalist)

Jillsywillsy said...

Lurker here. By the way, Enigma- I love your blog.

I think what anonymous was saying is that there might not be very many people in that facebook group and it could be easy to figure out who you are.

hiddeninthelight said...

This post made me laugh a bit. I just liked your random thoughts.

@ Kevin -
I thought your comment said "Gay Polygamy: The Mormon Enigma". LOL. I'm not sure why I thought it said that, but I got a good laugh out of that as well.