Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clay Aiken is gay

I'm sure this is not new news to anyone reading this blog.

Below is a smattering of the comments to this news I found on a major news outlet.
I wonder how many girls are crying now as their Christian parents strip their rooms of everything Aiken...

It's my opinion-a gay man should not be allowed to raise a boy. The child will be so confused growing up. It must have been ashamed all this years----since he did deny, deny, deny. Being gay is a personal decision but should the child suffer in a already cruel world.

Most likely he was abused by a family member when he was young. Very sad. Truth is, any adult who does this to a child is better off having a millstone hung around his neck and thrown into the ocean.

I bet he wasn't gay before he was on American Idol. Lots of fame and fortune does screw up the mind.

Should've kept his mouth shut. As did Rock Hudson and Elton John, they were gay but married women to keep the media off their backs for awhile. Now that was smart.

Just more immoral evil being presented for us to watch. I do not care about his sinful life, to the point that he should realize his ways, and change. Maybe a little filtering from the media, will put these degenerates back in the closet. Who really in there right mind, loves to look at stories like this? Does this fascinate people to hear about somebodies problem in life. My .02

NEWSFLASH!! So is that creepy David Archuleta kid from American Idol.

It seems the Devil is winning. That is a terrible thing! Where is God?

More sexual confusion in our culture....what a pity...where's the shame????

Being gay is a choice; a bad choice.A person is not born gay, he chooses to be gay. The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a sin (Romans 1:24-28;I Corinthians 6:9-11; I Timothy 1:10; Genesis 19:1-26). The Word of God is truth, which far outweighs popular opinion and personal preference.

it's my opinion-a bigot who worships imaginary deities should not be allowed to raise a boy. The child will be so confused growing up. Believing in an invisible sky daddy is a personal decision but should the child suffer in a already cruel world.

Wow, this sucks a lot.

That's too bad.

I'll let Jesus Christ be the judge. It's his words in the Bible what's right and wrong. People just don't want to answer to a higher power. But one day they will have no choice whatsoever.

He's already put the judgement on himself.

Yeah. . .that's great. I can't tell you how many times I've wished my Dad was gay. Bringing my high school football team mates home to be introduced to my gay Dad and his swishy boyfriend would have been such a wonderful experience. I'll just have to move on with my empty life, never having the good fortune to experience being raised by a couple of hairy, french kissing men as my parents.

So sad, I guess we knew it but I was hoping to be wrong. He claims to be a Christian.
I am, of course, focusing on the negative comments as there are plenty of more positive comments. I just wanted to illustrate that homophobia is alive and well.


Kengo Biddles said...

My question is, why are they surprised? I wasn't surprised to find that out, nor am I to know that Lance Bass is, or that so many, many, many others are.

And if it's true about David Archuleta, are we really that surprised?

Dichotomy said...

Good for him.

I'm reading the comments you quoted, but I haven't found any clues as to why I am gay. I wasn't abused, and I haven't been on American Idol. So what made me choose to be gay? I can't figure it out. :(

(Oh well. At least I was smart enough to get married so the media will stay off my back. Stupid media.)

Mr. Fob said...

Maybe you were on American Idol but you've repressed the memory.

Public Loneliness said...

Wow, in this day and age, people still write things like that? What the heck!

About DA well, if he is, so what?

And I really laughed out loud about dichotomy's comment/reply...he made my day!

Beck said...

At first glance, I thought you had to be making these statements up. But as I kept reading them, I knew they couldn't have been made up.

Despite the vast societal changes in attitudes toward homosexuality, homophobia is still alive and well... of course, all I need to do to realize that is to attend priesthood meeting.

Christopher said...

I think these comments make me want to throw up. Hurray for homophobia!

I didn't thing these comments were for real at first. Although sometimes I do kinda wish I were raised by two hairy french men. It would have been kinda fun, don't you think? It would be a whole lot better than being raised on redneck rhetoric like these poor people, at any rate.

I think you need to put some of the positive comments up, too, if you would be so inclined. It would improve my indigestion better than pepto bismol ever could.

Abelard Enigma said...

I think you need to put some of the positive comments up, too

I gleaned most of these comments from the report on the ABC news website here. Most of the comments are either neutral or positive. I was just pointing out the negative ones to illustrate how much close minded bigoted homophobia still exists in our 'enlightened' society.

Original Mohomie said...

Wow. And wow.

And why is this the first I've heard of Clay's coming out? ...oh, right...'cause it's no surprise for most of the world.

Bror said...

I don't care for Clay myself, but I think he will make a great dad.

Robert said...

Wow, Clay's cute. ;D As for the homophobic crap, it's so sad for ignorant bigoted people that they are that way. What a horrible way to live life. I'd rather be gay.