Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving disaster

We had 25 people over for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (including 4 toddlers). So, we cooked two turkeys to feed the masses.

Or, at least we thought we would have two turkeys to feed the masses - until our dog got to one of them

We made do with one turkey - and now we don't have any turkey leftovers - and a house full of company whom we were planning on feeding with said leftovers. We have stuffing, gravy, but no turkey.

At least we have leftover pie


Evan said...

We had 30 :P

But you beat us in pies :(

Amanda said...

Wow! Well, we just had the 5 of us, but our turkey apparently didn't cook all the way through. We only ate the outer surface, so thankfully no one got food poisoning, but after we packed the turkey away, the inner parts bled all over everything. Yeah.

Silver said...

My mother in law assigned me to cook the 24 lb. turkey for the whole family (about 25 persons). She knows I cook well and she usually asks for my help, but not my wife's. Now, if she really thought that over, doesn't that scream that I'm Gay!!! Hmmmm.

I used a Reynolds oven baking bag. It cuts the roasting time by two hours and it was moist, moist, moist. I even made the gravy...What is wrong with me?

I love Turkey Day if only for the pies. Chocolate cream was the best.

Happy Holidays!!


Sean said...

I am dying of proverbial laughter at the plight that befell you... not that it hasnt happend to some extent, one way or another to myself in the past, but to me that is just what makes for memorialble family get-togethers. (hows that for long sentences) :)

myself and my wife spend the day making our family meal. it was wonderful to share the kitchen with a talented cook. We even brought out the very good china and crystal and all in all the children and ourselves had a memorable day. though i am looking forward to a new recipe I found in one of Alton Browns cook books. :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Bravone said...

It was probably the most memorable Thanksgiving your dog has ever had. At least you made him happy. Our dogs ended up well fed as well.