Friday, September 4, 2009

BYU is in town

The BYU football team is in town to play against ... well, I don't really know who they're playing - but I do know they are playing at the brand spanking new Cowboys football stadium. Gee, knowing that tidbit of information makes me feel so manly. I suppose if I really cared I could find out who they are playing ... Nah!

My wife and I were out and about this evening when we saw a bunch of charter buses - with a big "Y" on the side. My wife thinks they were full of BYU fans. Is this true? Are there really such diehard BYU football team groupies? On the news tonight they mentioned that Arlington (home of the new stadium) is really hoping this game will bring in a lot of business. I hope they aren't counting on alcohol sales.

Although, this kinda makes me dread going to church on Sunday - especially if we have some of those afore mentioned fans staying in nearby hotels and attending our ward. I don't know how much talk about BYU football I can take in 3 hours. Maybe I'll start talking to them about Project Runway.

In other news ... my wife and I went to the local library; and, I came out carrying a big Martha Stewart book - and yes, it was mine, not hers. She checked out some auto repair manuals ... just kidding - she had some quilting books.

It takes a real man to walk around in public reading a Martha Stewart book. Don't believe me? Just trying asking one of those BYU football weenies ...


live honest said...

BYU is playing #3 ranked, Oklahoma. And, yes, BYU fans are THAT diehard that they would come to Texas for this game. I teach in Utah, and had a few of my students who were flying to Texas with their families to watch and enjoy the game. GO BYU!! But, I think they will probably get clobbered. I hope they can play a respectable game.

And, "J", I want you to know- I took you up on your September issued topic suggestion and just wrote my own post about the "m" word. I hope I have the courage to leave the post up for more than five minutes. LOL

Happy night!

Chedner said...

I know if some of my brothers could afford it, they'd be down in TX right now.

I don't know how to tell them that I don't care about BYU football... I think they'll handle it worse than the whole, "I'm gay" debacle.

Evan said...

I thought they were playing TCU for some reason... lol.

I don't care too much about BYU Football either. If I do watch college football, it would be the Longhorns.

I hope your church isn't too overcrowded this Sunday ;)

Abelard Enigma said...

I don't expect too many fans in church tomorrow seeing as how I live, at least, 20 miles from the Cowboys new stadium and there are 2 stakes in between us. But then, I was surprised to see the charter buses in town - so, maybe they got a good deal at our local hotels. Time will tell.

I can hear it now: "I know BYU football is true ..."

Anonymous said...

Ah, come on, "Abe"- nothing wrong with BYU football! Except, of course, when they get clobbered... like probably tonight.

live honest said...
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