Saturday, September 5, 2009

My response

This is the response I sent to the stake high councilman who sent the email about keeping kids home from school on September 8th
I'm no fan of Obama; but, it seems rather ironic to keep your kids home from school to prevent them from listening to a presidential speech encouraging children to get an education and stay in school.

Also, I seem to recall you sending an email out about a year ago warning us to not discuss politics during the seminary class period - which makes this email doubly ironic.
Probably not the most tactful way to address the topic - but . . .

I also put a similar statement as my Facebook status :)

Maybe I should form a club: "Republicans against preaching that Obama is the anti-Christ" - I wonder how many members I'd get? 12?

UPDATE: I received an apology email from the stake high councilman. He said that he "continued to either get support or hammered for the e-mail he sent out "and explained that he sent the email out in a moment of passion - but that it was wrong and he is sorry.

Apology accepted


A.J. said...

can I be an honorary member even though I'm a Democrat?

Evan said...

That's good. Glad he responded appropriately. I think your response was fine and honest.

Grant Haws said...

I am glad he realized that as a high councilman he needs to remember to leave his politics at home.

santorio said...

is he sorry that he insulted the office of the president, or that he mixed politics and religion.... or that he got caught?