Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fabulous dinners are NOT us

I went out to get the newspaper this morning and saw water squirting up out of my yard and running down the street. Me thought "that's not right." I live in an older home and don't have a sprinkler system; so, I know it wasn't coming from me.

I happen to know there is a 6" water main running underneath where the water was squirting up. How do I know? Because they had to dig up my front yard just a couple of weeks ago to fix a leak. Now here was another leak barely 20' from the previous leak.

I came in the house and called the number for "water and sewer emergencies". Being after hours, I was connected to the police department. I explained the problem and was told that they would page the city water department who would call me back. I decided that I had better stay home from church in case they needed to talk to me, having been through this drill before.

Right now there are several big trucks parked in front of my house digging up my front yard - again. I was outside watching them when a neighbor came came walking up the street dressed only in shorts - which I thought was odd since it's raining. He asked me what was going on and I explained that there was a water main leak. He then said he was in the shower when they cut the water off - it was then I realized that the white stuff all over him was soap - poor guy.

So, anyway, today is my wife's birthday. I made her coconut pancakes for breakfast; and I have a super fabulous dinner planned - and no water. The dinner itself doesn't need much water - but I will need water for washing up, especially since preparation involves cutting up meat.

Strike 2 on fabulous dinners.

Although, this dinner is not totally doomed just yet - there is still time if they get the water turned back on in the next couple of hours. It's just frustrating.

UPDATE: The city workers finished repairing the water main and turned the water back on in time for me to finish the fabulous dinner I had planned. For her birthday, I gave my wife the Julia Child cookbook and prepared Julia Child's beef bourguignon served with boiled potatoes and fresh asparagas with hollandaise.


Beck said...

Life happens... :)

Happy birthday to your wife!

Kengo Biddles said...

Happy Birthday to your wife, and I LOVE Boeuf Bourgignon!

Beck said...

Great update! Congrats on reaching out and doing something creative and personal for your wife.

Maybe you've already noted, but I don't remember, but have you seen the movie "Julie and Julia" yet? My wife and I loved it and loved watching it together. With your cooking interests and interest in Julia Child, you should definitely see it.