Thursday, September 3, 2009

MoHo Polls

Now that we have MoHo polls, any ideas for future polling questions?

Also, we need a button or something that others can put on their blogs to link to MoHo polls. Any ideas. The only thing I can think of is an image of a shirtless guy striking an uncle Sam pose with the words "MoHo Vote" underneath - any volunteers to model? :) (Just kidding . . . maybe) There is a lot of talent in the queerosphere - perhaps we should have a contest, and then put it to a vote.

Finally, any volunteers for joint authorship on MoHo polls to help manage it?


Chris said...

What about something to do with relationships?

What is you current relationship status?

Are you happy where you are at?

What are you looking for?

Quinn said...

Well I wanna be a graphic designer, so Ill take a stab at your design idea... just give me a few days as my plans in life have made a sudden shift.