Monday, August 31, 2009

A proposal

Why is it that whenever I blog about masturbation (which has really only been a very few times) - my blogging stats peak?

I was ready to move on in my blog - but I keep getting yanked back.
  • Family members have lamented that I took my masturbation poll down prematurely.
  • When I blogged about my feelings on masturbation and had the poll up - visits to my blog peaked to the highest it's been in several months
Clearly, there is a keen interest in the topic of masturbation in the Mormon queerosphere - and there seems to be a lot of pent up feelings.

My proposal: Let's designate a blogging topic for the month of September 2009 - and that topic will be: Masturbation

This is a serious request. During September blog about your own thoughts and feelings on the topic of masturbation. It doesn't have to be an extensive treatise - just a single blog post will do.

I've stated my position on the topic - that I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as we don't do it so much that it becomes a problem. Some of you may disagree - you may feel that I've gone too far, that we need to actively work to overcome it. Others of you may feel that I've not gone far enough - that it's not only OK, but an essential part of human sexuality. There may be some of you who actually agree with me. And, there are probably some who are still trying to work out their own feelings on the topic.

We're certainly not going to come to any absolute conclusion on the topic - this is something that we all need to work out for ourselves. But reading other points of view on the topic may be helpful to those who are struggling with their own feelings on the topic. Even if you don't know where you stand - blog about the questions you have.

I've also put the masturbation poll back up - but in a new blog I created titled MoHo Polls. Please visit and vote, again if you already voted in my previous poll. Without trying to be tawdry, I also took the liberty to add a couple other masturbation related polls. There is such interest in this topic - and these are questions I thought might be of interest. Let me know if there are other masturbation related polls we should add for September.

My thought is that MoHo Polls could be also be used to get opinions on a variety of topics - good idea? Bad idea? Should go rinse my mouth out with soap and do 5 "hail Moroni's"?

Also, let me know if you would like to be a co-author of the MoHo Polls to have the ability to create your own polls.


mandi said...

I'd love to write about masturbation, but I know who reads my blog. My in-laws. (thanks to Husband) Do you dare me??

playasinmar said...

You are hereby dared.

Quinn said...

I like your idea... And Mandi.. I double dog dare you!

Abelard Enigma said...

My wife has been known to read my blog :)

But, if you're really uncomfortable about posting on your own blog - you can send it to me and I'll post it as a "Guest Contributor" on my blog

btw, what is your blog? Is it included in my "Meet the family" list? If not, do you wish it to be so? My email id is in my profile.

Anonymous said...

"Yanked back," huh? LOL

El Genio said...

I'm not really sure how I feel about this topic. I'm completely at a loss for words.

Beck said...

I like the idea of the MOHO polls and would encourage more questions on a variety of subject matters pertaining to this community. I find it interesting and helpful to see a barometer of where others in the "family" stand on various questions.

Thanks so much for doing this, Abe.

Carter Niven said...

I love the polls and am having a great laugh... I voted once or less a month and have discovered that so far I'm the lowest of everyone. It is so funny to me because I'm an atheist. I suppose once a month or so is in fact lots more than I did as a married Mormon, which was less than once every three years - so I guess I have increase multifold since then :)

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

Like your ideas, Abe! I'm now following MoHo Polls, and I think I will blog about mast. on SCG.