Thursday, August 20, 2009

Burning questions

Stealing an idea from Kurt, Austin, and others - in a classic "me too" post, I decided to start my next batch of posts (after post #400) with an invitation to ask me any question that might be on your mind.
  • ask as yourself
  • ask anonymously
  • ask privately via email
My answers will only include the question, not the identity of the questionee.

I'll even go out on a limb and say that no topic is off limits. I promise to be brutally honest in my answers.

I suppose I ought to have a deadline - let's say August 31st. But, I will answer questions as they arrive.


Anonymous said...

1. What is your personal philosophy as it relates to masturbation versus the church's stance?

2. Have you ever been involved with a man sexually?

3. How does your wife feel about you being gay and is she happy with the sex life you two share?

4. How are things coming along in the teaching department?

Ned said...

Do you have crushes on guys?

If so have you kept track of how many guys you have crushed on throughout your life?

Have you become friends with any of these crushes?

If so does the friendship lessen the crush, intensify it or have no effect?

If your wife to pre-deceases you, can you imagine that you might then enter into a same-sex marriage-like relationlship?

If so, have you and your wife discussed such a imaginations and what, if anything, has been said or concluded?

Anonymous said...

Will you share with us Abelard by the numbers?

Penis Flaccid
Penis Erect
Ejaculation Frequency
Anyting else

Yes, here you go. My wife and I had a grand time measuring.

Ok, I've shared what I care to, but come one now, this isn't a dating site.

No, I will not. These measurements are not anyone's business but my own. How superficial of you even to ask.

Quinn said...

Well I was going to ask age, but someone already did.

Philip said...

If a young man with same sex feelings came to you for advice on marriage to a woman, what would say?

If a young straight woman came to you for advice on marriage to a man with same sex feelings, what would you say?

And, if that young man or woman was someone you loved, would the advice be the same or different? If different, how would it be different?


A.J. said...

What's your favorite color? Are you gonna post more recipes? I have yet to make your brisket but think my family would love it. Do you think being gay would be easier if you weren't LDS? What's your favorite ice cream? -A.J.