Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Being straight

I've started watching a new TV show on BBC America called Being Human. It's about a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf living together - trying to live as humans.
Anna: "Is this it? If nothing changes, will I just stay like this, here - but not here, forever?"
-- @2:54 in the following clip

Tully: This is how it happens, it's all sliding into place. Click - click - click. You can feel it too, can't you? The fire in your gut; the expectation; the hunger!"
George: It frightens me.
Tully: Then give into it, drown in it. Let him in, the big bad wolf."
-- @ 5:00 in the following clip

Tully: "It's a complex thing, a glorious thing!."
George: "This isn't a glorious thing; it's a curse. This isn't a gift; it's god stomping on us with his boots."
-- @6:37 in the following clip

Tully: "Don't leave me George, I can't be alone any longer."
-- Tully @7:45 in the following clip
That pretty much sums up the conflicted feelings I have. Is this my TV show - the one that I live in every day?

Being Straight - about a schizophrenic queer trying to live as a heterosexual.

A word of warning: It gets a bit racy during the last 15 seconds of this clip. What we see on BBC America is an edited version of what they get in the UK.


playasinmar said...

Which is why BBC America is not worth watching.

I am Landmark said...

Which is EXACTLY why BBC America is worth watching. Thought-provoking. Intelligent stories. A willingness to believe the viewer has a brain that can parse information slightly more complex than what's presented on "American Idol."

Yes, Abe, this may indeed be our story...or at least a metaphor for our story: The insatiable hunger of a vampire. The duplicitous nature of a sweet boy who's really a werewolf. The lonely existence of a woman who can be invisible in a crowded room.

Don't forget, however, that your story isn't *their* story no matter how fascinating their story might seem. Only you can direct the telling of your own tale, and the result will be utterly unique and judged in the same way.

But in the meantime, let's enjoy the show!

A.J. said...

ewww man bottom when you said racy I hoped it was a woman in a skimpy outfit.

playasinmar said...

"What we see on BBC America is an edited version..."

And therefore not worth watching. Buy the DVDs.

Abelard Enigma said...

I hoped it was a woman in a skimpy outfit.

Honey, If that were the case then 'racy' is probably not the first word to come to mind. Probably something more like 'ewww' or 'gross'

Alan said...

LOL. What Abe said!