Friday, January 15, 2010

Kris Allen is still not a Mormon

Back in May 2009 my blog traffic reached an all time high for the month - mostly from people googling about Kris Allen being a Mormon.

Season 9 of American Idol premiered this week - and, once again, I see an increased number of google searches inquiring if Kris Allen is LDS leading people to my blog.  Actually, it has never really let up completely - since last May I get, at least, 3 or 4 hits per week from google searches inquiring if Kris is LDS.

So, once again, let me state that Kris Allen is not a Mormon.

But, we do have at least one Mormon in season 9 - at least I'm pretty sure he's LDS. I believe his name is Justin Williams - he is from Sandy, Utah and talked of serving a mission where he was diagnosed with cancer.  He is now cancer free and is going to Hollywood for the next round of tryouts.  From what I understand, this isn't the first time he tried out for American Idol.  He actually made it to Hollywood in season 8 and was in the same group as Kris Allen.

Why does it always keep coming back to Kris Allen?  OK, maybe I should come out of the closet and admit that I have a celebrity man-crush on Kris Allen; or, maybe I should send in a referral so that the Mormon missionaries can visit Kris. I wouldn't mind having the missionaries teach Kris and his wife in my home :)

. . . oh, and, btw, neither is Danny Gokey a Mormon.  Funny how nobody has ever been led to my blog inquiring if Adam Lambert is Mormon.

After the surge of people last May coming to my blog inquiring if Kris Allen is LDS, I wrote a post titled, Kris Allen is not Mormon, addressed specifically to people who may not have expected to find a gay blog.  Recently an anonymous person commented on that post quoting 1st Corinthians 6:9-10.  Apparently - all homosexuals are going straight to hell.

Now, I can try to take solace in the fact that I have never actually been with a man in the flesh; but, Jesus taught that if we lust in our minds then it is as if we committed the actual act.  If I'm completely honest with myself - I must confess that I have lusted after men ([cough] Kris Allen).  Also, while I myself am not, nor ever have been, in a homosexual relationship - I condone those who are in committed monogamous same sex relationships. 

Additionally, I expect Mr. Anonymous probably isn't too keen on Mormons either - being gay and Mormon means there probably isn't any hope for me at all, I'm un-redeemable.  So, I guess I'm going to hell along with the rest of you - at least I'll be among friends.   

Frankly, heaven doesn't sound very heavenly if it's full of hateful people.


J G-W said...

I know the real reason for this post... You want your blog to be the number one Google hit when people search Is Kris Allen a Mormon?

J G-W said...

Whoops. Nevermind. I just googled "Is Kris Allen a Mormon" and your blog is already the number one hit.

kevin said...

I just googled "Is Adam Lambert Mormon" to get to your blog. Just to give you a hit ;)

See ya.

Beck said...

I don't follow American Idol and so I credit you for informing me of Kris Allen last year and sharing your mancrush with me.

And yes, he is very crushworthy.

Anonymous said...
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