Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yet another Kris Allen post

According to google analytics:  For the past year, here are the top 25 google searches leading people to my blog
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Notice a trend?  Seriously!  Do I really talk about Kris Allen that much on my blog?  Or am I the only one who talks about his lack of mormon-ness.  I'll readily admit that Kris Allen is attractive; but, I'm really not that obsessed with him - at least I don't think I am.  Let's see, to date I've blogged about Kris Allen in

Kris Allen
Kris Allen is NOT a Mormon
American Idol
The next American Idol
Fixated on Kris Allen
Kris Allen Central
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Kris Allen is still not a Mormon
Self fulfilling prophecy
Yet another Kris Allen post (don't you just love recursive links?)


Maybe I AM obsessed with Kris Allen.  How can that be?  I don't even own his CD.  Maybe I'm still in denial.  Maybe I'm a closeted Kris Allen online stalker and haven't accepted it yet.

Should this be my life mission?  To inform the world that Kris Allen is not a Mormon.

Or ... should I turn my blog into a Kris Allen fan site?  Or maybe a who is/isn't a Mormon blog.

Perhaps I should write a book:  "Everything I needed to know about life I learned from Kris Allen"

Is there a 12-step program to help rid myself of unholy thoughts of Kris Allen?

I could start a support group:  GMWTHFKA (Gay Men With The Hots For Kris Allen) - anybody want to join?


Mister Curie said...

I didn't think I had anything going for Kris Allen, but your first photo of the post made me rethink that position. Very cute!

Beck said...

Abe, you've got it bad this time, don't you? I mean, this current gay pon farr of yours is ever fascinating to watch! :)

All I can say is that "this, too, shall pass".

Best wishes as you cycle back down, my friend.

Abelard Enigma said...

this current gay pon farr of yours is ever fascinating to watch!

Yeah, these gay pon farr cycles are like waves. Some are small, some are large - and occasionally some are like this one where I feel like I've been hit with a tsunami.

Am I the only one that experiences these things?