Sunday, January 17, 2010

Self fulfilling prophecy

I really didn't mean to become the premier web site for people wanting to know if a certain winner of a popular singing contest is LDS.  But, I'm realizing that the more I blog about him then the more google hits I get.  I knew that intellectually - but, I guess, I just hadn't internalized it.

I'm not interested in maximizing blog traffic - it's not like I have advertising where increased traffic is momentarily advantageous.  I want people to come to my blog because they care about what I have to say (or, perhaps, out of the morbid curiosity of a married gay mormon man).  Truth is, while I've been getting a lot of traffic the last few days, the vast majority of them aren't hanging around.  And I hate to think of them hastily closing their browser window out of disgust over the whole gay thing.

So, how do I talk about what's on my mind without driving superfluous traffic to my blog?  I'm not using actual names in this post - but that gets awkward and tiresome very quickly.  Maybe I should adopt a nickname, I'll call him "Bob"

Yes, I think Bob is very cute - "gorgeous", "stunning", "beautiful", "pulchritudinous" are words that come to mind - OK, not "pulchritudinous", I just looked that up in the dictionary.  It means "physically beautiful; comely", which certainly describes Bob.

But, more than that, I'm attracted to Bob's personality. He may be a complete jerk in person, I don't know.  But, on screen, he comes across as this quiet, humble, sweet person - until he sings, then he loses himself in his music.  Cockiness is a real turn-off for me - which is why you don't see me blogging much about the runner-up of said popular singing contest.  I guess I just have a weakness for the cute nerdy type.  If I were a teenage girl (or a teenage boy who likes boys) then Bob's picture would most definitely be hanging in my locker.

Unfortunately, I'm not so attracted to Bob's singing voice.  I want to be, I really do; but, what I've heard from him just hasn't touched me in the way other singers do.  I'm not saying he's bad - I'm just not connecting with him.  I hope the best for him in fulfilling his dream of a musical career - but I fear he is just going to fizzle away.  5 years from now people will say "Bob who?"  I might be wrong, I certainly hope so.

In the mean time, I'll just continue my celebrity man-crush and bask in the glow of Bob's beauty.  I don't mean to come across as a creepy old man - I may be older, but I'm not dead.  I'm a connoisseur of the male physique; and, Bob is like a fine wine that needs to be savored.


Seth R. said...

I wonder if the hits could be because you have the same title as a well-known biography of Emma Hale Smith.

Not planning on sticking around beyond this thread. But just thought I'd note that I'm not "closing the window in disgust."

Best wishes.

Twinky Chink said...

Oh, I agree. "Bob" was definitely one of the more attractive contestants on Idol. Shallow as this may seem, I was rooting for him just because of his hotness factor. His singing is quite mainstream, but I especially like his performance of "No Boundaries." Mm.