Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol

So, it's come down to Adam and Kris

I think Adam is more comfortable on stage. I like his singing - that is, until he starts screeching. He's fun to watch - but I don't think I could listen to him on the radio.

I think Kris is more humble and likable and marketable. He doesn't have as much stage presence; but, I really like his singing and I could listen to him on the radio.

I think Adam will win

I hope Kris will win (and not just because he's the cutest of the two)

But, at this point, it's too close to call. They call it a singing competition - but, in reality, it's a popularity contest; and, they each have a huge fan base. What makes it interesting is that many people are fans of both - so who will they favor? That's anyone's guess.

Maybe I should phone in my vote next week - nah! I've never voted on American Idol so why start now?

In either case, I think the world is their oyster as they both have a chance at a promising career in the music industry ahead of them.

. . .

And, "kris allen mormon" is still the most popular google search in my blogging stats. Kris Allen is not Mormon. Sheesh - why are people so obsessed with making Kris a Mormon? Mormon's don't have an exclusive on that cute humble clean cut all american boy look ya know.


Chester said...

I've got a theory that the evangelical-clean cut-(dare I say)-homophobic vote was being split between Gokey and Allen. Now that there's only one of those left I think Lambert's got a lot of competition for votes. I can't shake the feeling that people will be voting for Allen NOT because they want him to win, but because they REALLY don't want Lambert to win.

But it's exactly as you say - all these guys have potentially great careers ahead of them. Ultimately, winning American Idol (this season especially) reflects more about America than the singers.

Personally, I'd like Lambert to win because I'm very interested in what kind of album he'd make; but that'll happen whether he or Allen wins, so I guess it doesn't matter really.

I'll still be mad texting "Vote" on my iPhone next week. Thank you unlimited texting plan! :)

MilesDavid® said...

I think Lambert will win, but my vote (that I am not sending in) is with Kris. He is better looking, but more important he is far more attractive as he shows humility, and a peaceful demeanor. I love when the nice guy wins.

Beck said...

Having not followed this year's addition of Idol at all, I'm not in a position to say, but hey, in politics, people vote on who they "like" the most, or who they think is "hot" - so, on that level, it's got to be Kris hands down! :)