Friday, May 28, 2010


In my last post I described what I coined homophobe-ophobia - that is, an irrational fear of homophobes.

Let me be clear, I am not claiming that we shouldn't challenge homophobia - I'm just saying we need to challenge their homophobic comments and not attack the people.

There is also the old adage "choose your battles carefully."  During the month of May I've seen the following calls to action for the gay community
  • Call my congressman urging them to vote on the defense spending bill which includes provisions for DADT repeal
  • Call my congressman urging them to oppose the DADT repeal compromise as it makes gay soldiers second class citizens - DADT needs to be repealed now, not at some future date
  • Contact Miller Beer corporation to complain about some recent ads which invoke straight man's fear of being perceived as sissy
  • Contact my Senators urging them to Co-Sponsor the Student Non-Discrimination Act
  • Contact Fox news to complain about Bill O'Reilly comparing transgender people to ewoks
  • Petition Governor Schwarzenegger to sign bill AB2199 which stops the department of mental health from seeking a cure for homosexuality
  • Complain to Congressman King for his statement "if gays don't advertise it they won't get discriminated against"
  • Protest ExxonMobil gas stations because ExxonMobile refuses to add sexual orientation and gender identity to it's non-discrimination policy
  • Contact Fox TV to complain about "Family Guy's" transphobic mother's day episode
  • Contact Marquette University urging them to stop anti-gay discrimination in hiring
  • Contact the South Bend Tribune urging them to print Same-Sex engagement announcements
  • Demanding the immediate release of a gay couple who were sentenced by a  Malawi  judge this week for committing "unnatural acts" and "gross indecency
  • Demand UK asylum for Iranian lesbian actress Kiana Firouz
  • Urge the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) authority to add gender identity to their nondiscrimination policies
I'm not saying that these causes aren't worthy of concern; but, it seems like the gay community has become the self appointed PC Police.  It's like the boy who cried wolf - people start to turn a deaf ear to what gets perceived as a bunch of whiners.  If we're constantly complaining about every little thing then it just becomes noise causing the really important issues to get lost in the clutter.

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LDS Brother said...

The best form of activism is just living your life to the fullest. If one acts like a second-class citizens, he will continue to be treated as one.