Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Post #500

Well, this was meant to be post #500; however, I've migrated all of my poems from my mormon-enigma-verses blog to this blog (in preparation for deleting the former) - so this is now post #503

I can hardly believe I've prognosticated and bloviated through 500 posts. In celebration, I will now share 500 things about me that you might not know

  1. . . . OK, I'm bored
I'm not even sure I could think of 500 things; but, I will share a few . . .
  • I'm afraid of the dark - specifically, I'm afraid to be alone outside after dark.  I'm OK in the house, as if a flimsy door or window could stop a boogie man; and, I'm OK outside if other people are around - even if I don't actually see them, but I see/hear evidence that they are around.  But, my anxiety level shoots up whenever I find myself alone outside in the dark.
  • Scary movies give me nightmares.  I'm talking about the suspenseful kind, not the blood and guts kind.  For example, the movie Signs was too scary for me. I don't watch the blood and guts kind either - but that's more because they gross me out rather than anxiety levels.
  • Whenever I am checking my blog statistics and I see that someone from Pocatello, Idaho visited my blog, I think of Steve Sandvoss (Elder Aaron Davis in Latter Days is from Pocatello, Idaho).
  • I think Steve Sandvoss is stunningly beautiful, as is John Barrowman, James Marsden, Milo Ventimigli, and . . . well, I could go on for a long time.
  • I enjoy cooking and I'm actually quite good at it; but, I prefer making savory dishes. I'm really not much of a dessert chef.
  • I enjoy trying new cuisines and things I've never had before, but there some things I refuse to eat, such as:  Organ meats, Octopus, and squid heads (although I love calamari) .  But, I have tried a number of exotic foods, such as snails and steak tartar
  • I love sushi.  I love to make sushi.  I'm not much of a sushi chef, so my homemade sushi doesn't look as nice as those you get in sushi restaurants, but they taste pretty good.  Yes, I do use raw fish in my homemade sushi.  An upscale grocery store in the area carries sushi grade salmon, tuna, and eel in their seafood department.
  • My wife hates sushi (she doesn't like fish in general, but she especially loathes sushi); so, I don't get it very often.  Fortunately (for me), most of my children, and their spouses, love sushi.
    • Growing up as a boy, my mom often sang to me and encouraged me to sing; but, when my voice started changing at the onset of puberty, I quit singing and refused to even try.  Although, I was musical and learned to play a number of different instruments.  It wasn't until college, when I joined the LDS church, that I began singing again.
    • I'm a decent singer - I can sing loud and I have a good musical ear so I sing on-key.  But, I don't like the tonal quality of my voice; so, I avoid singing solo.  I don't even like singing in small groups (duets, trio's, etc.).  I have a blending voice, I blend well with others.
    • In general, I prefer the sound of the male singing voice
      • I love going to Home Depot and Lowes. 
      • I'm pretty handy with tools and try to do all of my own home repairs and improvement.  But, I do know my limits and will call in a professional when I'm in over my head - such as plumbing.
      • I'm totally clueless when it comes to cars.  I've never even opened the hood on my Nissan Cube.
      • I absolutely hate changing oil on a car - and I refuse to do it.  I can't stand getting that black oily grit on my hands.  But, I don't mind digging in the garden with my bare hands, cutting up raw chicken and other meats, or changing poopy diapers - go figure.
      • I also hate shopping for clothes (does this mean I have to turn in my gay card?).  But, I do love going into camera stores, hobby stores, etc.
      • My feet are 9-1/2 EEE - do you know how hard it is finding shoes in EEE width?  I'm also flat footed.
      • I enjoy reading my morning newspaper while eating breakfast (the last of a dying breed, I suppose).  My favorite section is the comics.  Our local daily newspaper has two full pages of comics.  I don't know why, but I always read them backwards - I start on page 2 and read them bottom to top and then page 1 bottom to top.  But, the Sunday comics I read normally.
      • I didn't start shaving until I was older.  On my mission (I was 21 years old when I left, since I didn't join the LDS church until I was nearly 19) I only had to shave every other day.  Even now, having blond hair, I can miss a day without it being too noticeable unless you're up close.  I rarely shave on Saturday's.
      • In general, I don't like facial hair on guys (or girls, for that matter); although, I think a little stubble can be sexy (on guys, not girls)
      • I don't like tattoos or other body modifications
      • But I do think earrings on a guy can be attractive
      • Girls scare me, especially teenage girls.  They scared me when I was a teenager and I've never gotten over it.

      btw, I've shared this before; but, here is my current favorite YouTube video,  If my ward does a talent show this year - I'm going to try to put together a quartet to perform this.  Yes, I know, I don't like singing in small groups - but this is just too good to pass up.

      I also really like this YouTube video; but, somehow, I don't think it would go over too well in a church talent show. Although, it would be fun to see the expressions on everyones faces :)


      Beck said...

      I know you love a good Texas barbecue sandwich.

      I know you are a great photographer with an impressive artistic eye.

      I know you love to give bear hugs.

      I know your street is pretty heavily wooded so in the dark it does get pretty spooky when you don't know exactly where you are going.

      I know you have a huge heart and a great capacity to care about others.

      I know you have a creative gene and you love to make things grow around you.

      I know you like miniture trains and lily ponds and you've done magic in bringing the two together.

      I know you have a great family with great kids and you are a good, engaging, involved father and faithful husband.

      I know you are a Texas transplant but you're pretty proud of your firmly planted Texas roots.

      I know you have a great eye for a good looking guy.

      I know over the course of these 500 posts you have come to terms with who you really are inside, and you have shared that discovery with us - something for which I am most grateful.

      I know that you are my dear friend.

      Happy 500th!

      Kengo Biddles said...

      Thanks for the secrets, Abelard!

      And I'm one of the votes about Kris Allen - sorry, couldn't resist!

      Beck said...

      Am I entitled to a few more?

      Um... I know you love to wear flowery and loud printed shirts with the shirt tails untucked in that fashionable tropical casual way.

      I know you are a passionate teacher and you love to teach and you care about your students.

      I know you are a great provider and you care deeply about your commitments and responsibilities to your family and it's tough for you during these most difficult times.

      I know you have naturally blond curly hair that flops in all directions accenting your smile.

      I know you hate snow and all cold weather and that you would not and could not live in Utah.

      I know you are the intersection of so many voices in this community, the glue that holds us together, the young and old, the out and closeted, the married and never-married and once-married and married-to-be on different and diverging paths that otherwise would not connect without the advent of Abelard.