Thursday, May 20, 2010

kicking myself

On American Idol, when Casey James read the text message regarding the judges choice of song for him to perform this week, the AT&T store he was standing in front of at the time is about 1 mile from my house - and I wasn't there.  Now in my defense, I didn't read in the paper that he was coming to my home town until moments before his scheduled arrival.  Plus, I have no clue why he came to this particular AT&T store since he has no ties, that I'm aware of, to my town.  Perhaps it was just conveniently on the way to some other destination, I don't know.

I was planning on going to the parade in his honor later that afternoon; but, it began to rain and I don't take my camera out in bad weather.

Seriously, how often is an American Idol contestant going to be so close to home?  And I blew it!

That said, I was glad that he was sent home last night.  He just isn't in the same league as Crystal and Lee.  If he had stayed and either Crystal or Lee had been sent home then there would be no justice in the universe. 

I am still cheering for Crystal - but Lee really killed it this week and stands a serious chance of becoming the next American Idol.  They say, career wise, it's better to come in 2nd on American Idol because of contractual obligations for the winner.  But, I wonder how true that really is - or if it's just idle water cooler chat.  It's certainly in the best interests of the American Idol franchise for the winner to become rich and famous - so I can't imagine why they would stifle them.

And, in case anyone is wondering, no - I am not crushing on any of the American Idol contestants this season.


LDS Brother said...

...and Kris Allen still ain't a Mormon. :(

El Genio said...

I have heard that the winners end up paying AI huge royalties for the next 5 years of their career. Up to as much as 50%. So yes, AI will certainly make them successful, but they pay a big price for that success.