Friday, October 10, 2008

A glimpse of how we are viewed by others

There has been a discussion today on the Gay Christian Network asking about "Mormon Views on Homosexuality" from a young man who knows Mormon's at school and was wondering how they felt about him (he, evidently, being openly gay).

I responded with a link to the "God Loveth His Children" pamphlet on; however, I thought others might be interested in some of the comments about Mormons from gay Christians

In fairness, the LDS church does take a rather compassionate stance towards those who are LGBT - in ways that many Evangelical circles could learn from ... they do *not* encourage gossip or expulsion for merely admitting to one's sexuality.

* * *

I have never met a Mormon who treated me poorly because of my sexuality. Most of the Mormons I know and have met have been very kind to me.

* * *

Every Mormon I've known (and trust me, it has been a GREAT many) have always been SO nice. Some of my best gay-straight convos have come from talks with Mormons. (Which must explain why I also had crushes on a few of them... :) )

... lots can be learned by other churches about how Mormons treat their gays.

* * *

They're really nice people.


Kengo Biddles said...

I guess we don't have it so bad, after all.

Abelard Enigma said...

As frustrated as we get sometimes, it is a lot worse in some other Christian churches with stories of being publicly humiliated and ostracized.

The Faithful Dissident said...

This is the way it should be and we, as Mormons, need to remember that. Every gay person who has ever met a Mormon should be able to say exactly what this young man said.

I wonder, though, whether he would have felt any differently if he knew that our church is in a coalition (regarding Prop. 8 in CA) with some of those churches who do ostracize and humliliate their gay members. I think I'd rather that our Church work independently than team up with churches who treat people that way.

Alan said...

In politics--whether local, national, or global--there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests.

October Rising said...

interesting. at least they're mostly positive :)

Robert said...

(Which must explain why I also had crushes on a few of them... :) )

Sweet, so others crush on our good mormon guys too. Fewh, I'm not alone. hehehehe

That's awesome. I'm glad to see these kinds of comments. Truly, I've not had one intolerant or hurtful reaction when I told someone I was this way. Only encouragement. I love understanding people.

Beck said...

Thanks for the glimpse. Sometimes we're so close to it, we don't have the perspective of what others think of us.

AA said...

That is really interesting to see the comments of how we are viewed. I think it is a good reminder to many of us who are in the heart of "mormonville" and can forget that we do have many around us who love and support and just do what Jesus would do...which is Love.