Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Somebody contacted my photography club asking for volunteers to be a photographer at a fund raising event that was held yesterday; so, I volunteered and arranged to take a 1/2 day vacation off of work.

It seems the person who contacted our group is a photographer herself. A friend had asked her to come to this fund raising event, but she was unable to attend. So, she agreed to help find somebody. So, after exchanging some emails, text messages, and a phone call - I arranged to show up at 10:30am at this fund raiser.

It was a golf tournament benefiting the Hispanic College Fund. I had been instructed to ask for this friend of hers. Turns out he wasn't there; but, after explaining why I was there to the people who seemed to be in charge, we took a couple of golf carts and I followed them around the course taking pictures taking pictures of the various foursomes in the tournament. There were a couple other photographers out there; so, they decided I could take pictures at the awards ceremony and we headed back to the club house. They told me that once people finished their round of golf, they could be coming to the clubhouse for lunch which is when the awards ceremony was scheduled. So, I waited. Finally, people started arriving and I got ready to take some pictures. Well, it seems the awards ceremony was going to be after lunch, not during. So, I waited while watching everyone eat lunch. I had been told that the whole thing would be over by 1:30pm. Finally, by 2:30pm, they started the awards ceremony. And, then I had to listen to people prognosticate about how wonderful they are with the occasional opportunity to take a picture when they brought up the scholarship recipients. But another photographer positioned himself in front of me; so, I wasn't able to get any good pictures.

Anyway, I never met the guy I was supposed to ask for. Although, I know he was there because they asked him to stand while they were introducing various people during the awards ceremony. I had kinda thought he would, at least, come up and say 'hi' or something. This other lady, who works for a public relations firm that was helping out with the fund raising event, told me she would like a copy of the pictures. I told her I would burn her a CD; so, she gave me her card and said she would come by my house afterwards to pick it up (I live just a couple of miles from the golf course where the event was being held). I came home, transferred my images to the computer, burned a CD, and then sent an email to her blackberry (as instructed) along with directions to my house.

Well, to add insult to injury - she never showed up nor even bothered to acknowledge my email.

So, I wasted a 1/2 day vacation to take pictures of a bunch of guys I don't know playing golf and sitting watching people eat lunch - and, apparently, they don't even want the pictures! They didn't even offer me lunch - it was buffet style, so it wasn't like I would had been an extra plate they hadn't planned on.

Am I being selfish or unreasonable? I'm not looking for any sort of recognition - but a little acknowledgment would be nice. And, at least pretend you want the output I produced.

Oh well, at least the 5 people who read my blog will get to see one of my pictures from yesterday.


Зеркало / The Mirror said...

That does suck. I don't see you as being unreasonable - I see them as being daft. Maybe today they will contact you for your work. And for what is is worth - great pic by the way. Hope today is more promising - Josh

Beck said...

People are rude and inconsiderate. I know it's easy to say to shrug it off and dismiss it (though I'd be majorly "miffed" as well), but go enjoy the beautiful fall and your backyard garden, or go and photograph the world around you that brings you joy and satisfaction and forget about these rude and inconsiderate people.

Philip said...

I would be miffed, too. They didn't respect you, your time or your effort. It's one thing if a person is disorganized or flakely and, as a result, waste their time and effort and something else entirely to impact the time and effort of others.


Scott said...

Unfortunately, this type of situation isn't unusual. The problem is that they feel like they were doing you a favor by giving you the opportunity to take some photos (since you're not a "pro", but just a member of a photo club, they assume that you're thrilled at the prospect of a "real photo shoot").

Since you're the beneficiary and they're the benefactor, why should they go out of their way to accommodate you at all?

I agree with Beck. It's not worth your time being upset about it. Choose to be grateful for the learning experience (you got some photography experience and you learned something about the photo business) and move on.

If you've got some really good shots, you might consider putting them up on one of the microstock sites. istockphoto.com and others will make your photos available for sale, taking a small piece of the price as a commission. I've got a hobbyist friend who makes several hundred bucks a month this way.

Wikipedia has a list of agencies in their article on microstock.

Abelard Enigma said...

I'm not overly upset nor am I letting it get me down - I'm just a little miffed is all.

After all, I'm a gay man stuck in a straight mans body - aren't I entitled to a little queenly indignation once in a while :)

If you've got some really good shots, you might consider putting them up on one of the microstock sites.

The problem with that is they require model releases for any people in the image - and I have no idea who these people are.

I actually am a member of Istockphoto; but, they rejected the one image I submitted - and I just haven't felt motivated to try again. It's been a couple of years, and I've certainly improved. So, maybe I should try again. Anybody want to fly to Texas to model for me?

Beck said...

Anybody want to fly to Texas to model for me?

I'll come, and you can shoot me - but I warn you, it will be guaranteed to break your camera! :)

Scott said...

The problem with that is they require model releases for any people in the image - and I have no idea who these people are.

Do they want a release for any person in the photo? I think legally a release is only required if the person is recognizable (which often means if the face is showing). I'm sure some agencies have policies that are more restrictive than they are required to be, but if you have rear shots (or shots that can be creatively cropped to remove heads, etc.) you could still have some usable images.

Bravone said...

Nice photo!