Friday, January 2, 2009


It's 2009! It doesn't seem that long ago that we are bringing in 2008 as the new year - where did 2008 go?

This is post #301. That's an average of a post every 2.5 days - or, to put it another way, there are, on average, 2.8 posts per week. Of course, some weeks are busier than others. Once I went an entire month (November 2007) without posting anything. I didn't even read other blogs during that month - I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

New years even was fun, albeit uneventful. We invited a few friends over and play some games which catching up. Me, my son, and a friend ate all of the clam dip - my wife, my friends wife, and another sister we invited were not happy. But, it was most enjoyable - and I only feel a little guilty.

I went to the doctor New Years eve morning. I thought I was just going in for a regular checkup since he wasn't going to renew my prescriptions otherwise since I hadn't seen him in several months. It turned out to be a complete physical. I'm fine - but my dignity is on life support. [TMI]I guess the good news is that my prostate is doing fine [/TMI]. My blood pressure was a bit high - so he is changing me to a different blood pressure medication. Getting old is not what it's cracked up to be. I've been wearing bifocals since I was 40, I have a handful of pills I take each morning - although, to be fair, most of them are vitamins. And, I'm starting to feel aches and pains in new and different parts of my body - it really sucks!

I've been off work since December 22nd, and will return on January 5th. Today it's January 2nd - where did my vacation go? Is the acceleration of time directly proportional to age?

I'm thinking seriously of taking a photography class in portraiture at a local junior college. Classes don't start until January 20th; so, I have a couple of weeks still to think about it. Frankly, the thing that is holding me back is the hope of finding people who would be willing to let me photography them. Is there anybody reading this blog who lives in North Central Texas and isn't afraid of a camera?

2009 is looking to be a very busy year - at least the first half. I have two children getting married; my wife and I will, officially, become 'empty nesters'; OK, maybe that's about it - the 2nd half of 2009 my life return to its regular boringness.

I've been working all winter getting a new vegetable garden ready for the spring - and it will be fabulous. I've had to build it in the front yard, because that's where I have sun - too many trees in the back yard. So, I've built raised beds in geometric shapes, reminiscent of an old french garden. I'm thinking of putting some sort of sculpture in it, and maybe even a fountain of some sort. I just hope it actually produces vegetables.

Wow, this post is really random.


Chedner said...

Random posts are my favorite.

And congrats on a healthy prostate!

Sean said...

Handfuls of pill each morning and aches and pains in new parts of your body makes you old!?!?!? I guess that means I'm getting old and I'm not even 21 yet! Oh my, I am going to die an earlier death. hahaha!

Happy New Year!

Sean said...

PS I have had my dignity taken from me three times this year in the doctor's office. It's fun isn't it? ;) I kind of had another one today, but this one went down my throat.

Marco & Demaree said...
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Evan said...

Sorry... my brother-in-law left his account logged on, and I ended up posting something in his name.

Anyways, happy new year, and I am glad everything went well :)