Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Government gone awry

We have a new president of the united states. A young, charismatic, handsome, president - who happens to be black. Although, for me personally, the color of his skin is irrelevant - I'm more interested in his values and policies.

Of course, this means the republicans have lost control of the white house. Prior to this they lost control of both the house and the senate.

So, what are they doing about it?

The republicans in Utah are fussing because restaurants, like Chili's, having bottles of alcoholic beverages in view of restaurant patrons, including children - GASP!!!

I'm a conservative - but I'm not sure I want to admit to being a republican anymore. I'm ashamed of my political party. They need to return to republican values of less government. Regulating whether restaurants can have bottles of liquor on display is more government - not less. If you don't like having your children exposed to bottles of liquor then don't eat at those restaurants. It's as simple as that. If enough people agree with you then restaurants will get the hint and hide their bottles of liquor. If you're in a minority too small to make a difference then just deal with it - don't expect the government to step in to save you and your family.

Of course, the democrats aren't doing any better.

With all of their complaining about the war, the economy, health care, etc. They introduced bill H.R. 4040, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which was signed into law on August 14, 2008 by President Bush and goes into effect on February 10, 2009. It requires retailers to test for lead content in any product intended for use by children under 12, including toys, clothes and jewelry.

Sounds good -right? Anything we can do to protect our children is a good thing - right?
  • The way the law is written, each specific product (with a unique SKU) has to be tested. So if you have 3 different products all out of the same materials & produced the same, you have to pay for testing on all 3 products. For example, if you have a tank top shirt, a short sleeve tee shirt, and a long sleeve tee shirt - all out of the same fabric & materials with the only difference being in the sleeve length, you test each of these products individually, making testing repetitive and expensive.
  • Small home based businesses have to conform to the law the same as large scale manufacturers. This will effectively put many such businesses out of business.
  • The same is true for thrift shops, eBay sellers, etc. Many may have to close their doors since they won't be able to sell used childrens clothes and toys without it being properly tested - not to mention the impact this will have on the people of less fortunate circumstances who depend on these stores.
  • And, what about the rest of us? We will be facing higher prices since the cost of lead testing will have to be passed onto the consumer.
  • Our stake relief society is currently involved in a service project making baby quilts which are being donated to a local woman's shelter. After February 10th, this type of service project will become a thing of the past.
This is a prime example of knee jerk reaction legislation that, on the surface, feels good - but is ill conceived and will end up hurting more people than it helps. One of the co-sponsors of the bill is saying that the bill is being interpreted too strictly - although, that doesn't speak very highly of the people who wrote the bill if it is open to such a wide range of interpretation. This is why we need less government - because most of the time they just screw it up and make things worse than before.

Obama is going to save us from all of this - right? Somehow, I'm not instilled with confidence that things are going to get any better.

Even though I didn't vote for him, I will support Obama - he is, after all, my president. Although, I disagree with him on a number of political issues, I consider him a person of honor and integrity - unlike my feelings towards the previous democrat to occupy the oval office. And, who knows, maybe he does have the chutzpah to actually make a difference. For all our sakes, I certainly hope so.

Plus, since I'm, apparently, one of the very few here in the queerosphere who didn't vote for Obama - that gives me exclusive rights to complain - correct???


Kengo Biddles said...

Complain all you want, yes.

One thing to point out, though...the bill H.R. 4040 was passed in the House by 407 Aye, 0 Nay and 25 voting present. That means that quite a lot of Republicans jumped behind it, and at least 25 representatives (it doesn't say which party here, just the numbers).

As for the Senate it was 79 Ayes, 13 Nays, 8 Present.

From the graphics, it looks like your senators all voted for it, as did most everyone except the Representatives from the Rio Grande neighborhood.

My point? I don't think this was a party lines thing. I think it was an everyone jumping behind something because they thought it would look good come campaign season.

And I agree completely, LESS GOVERNMENT. And all sides are guilty. Let things devolve back to the states to control, with maybe loose federal guidelines.

Want to start a Centrist/Moderate party, Abelard?

Ezra said...

I generally consider myself an Environmental Libertarian (Ask me if you want to know what I mean by that) and I voted Obama instead of Ron Paul, though I would have been fine with McCain... McCain is a good man, who made a dangerous and dopey choice for a VP. He wanted a woman? Choose senator Olympia Snowe from Maine, she's has the highest approval rating among her constituents of any senator, and time magazine called her one of the top ten most influential senators--plus she's a centrist republican.

The point I'm trying to make is that America is in a funk right now, and we need that charisma. If you listen to the words Obama is using, he is saying that we shouldn't judge an idea by who proposed it or if it means bigger government or smaller government. We need to judge it on whether or not it works.

You have to admit, that if he actually behaves the way he speaks, then we'll be just fine.

It's up to US to save "U.S." Not Obama, not McCain, not anyone. But Obama has brought with him a new era of excitement at hope once again. Most agree that Roosevelt was basically a socialist by policy, but at that time that's what the people wanted--socialism. And when things got better, we moved away from that. We won't be stuck with anything, just like we weren't stuck with Bush.

We'll meet the challenges with or without Obama, and continue to move forward into the future, but it's nice to have a president who can pronounce nuclear correctly... ;)

//sorry if that comment was long and disorganized...

D-Train said...

"I'm a conservative - but I'm not sure I want to admit to being a republican anymore."

Love it. I left the elephants in the dust a few years ago for the no-man's land of "unaffiliated." I can send you a pamphlet about the support group for recovering Republicans if you would like. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month. It's time to begin the healing. :P