Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mama Mia, American Idol, and other random tidbits

Last week, my wife asked me if there were any movies I wanted added to our NetFlix queue - I said I would like to see Mama Mia. She said she wanted to see it too - so it was added to our queue and came to our mailbox a few days ago. Last night we were able to watch it.

Now, I have to confess that, prior to watching Mama Mia, I really didn't know anything about it. I didn't know it was set on a greek island. I didn't know about the story line of a young girl getting married who didn't know who her father was; so, reading her mothers diary she narrowed down to three guys and sent them invitations to her wedding (this all comes out in the first 5 minutes of the movie - so I'm not really giving anything away). All I really knew is that it was a Musical using songs from Abba and that it had Pierce Brosnan in it and he doesn't sing very well - but that the movie was still pretty good.

With that backdrop, here is a conversation we had last night as we were getting ready for bed
Me: Mama Mia wasn't as good as I wanted it to be
Her: I was surprised you even wanted to watch it at all, it's a chick flick
Me: I heard it was good
Her: No, you heard it was gay
Me: That isn't true
Her: Sure it is ...
Her: You heard it had lots of half naked boys running around
I left it at that. Although, I suspect my silence confirmed her suspicions.

Is this how it's going to be? Is everything I say or do going to be viewed through a gay lens?

Truth is, I really didn't know about all the shirtless guys running around in swim trunks (although, I will confess, it was a pleasant surprise). I didn't know that there would be a hint of gay romance (don't want to give anything away, so I'll leave it at that).

And, the truth is, I like musicals. I was about 9 years old when The Sound of Music came out. I remember going to see it about six times - in an era when it was unusual to go see a movie more than once. Some of my all time favorite movies include Fiddler on the Roof, Little Shop of Horrors, and Amadeus (not really a musical, per se, but it has lots of music in it). I liked the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. On my mission, on P-days, while the other elders were playing basketball at church, I would often go into the chapel and practice the organ - I liked to crank it up and play the JESUS CHRIST - SUPERSTAR opening part (I didn't know the rest of the song). In high school, I had the soundtrack for Hair, (although I've never seen the stage play or film) and used to listen to it all the time (much to the consternation of my father). I have fond memories of watching The Wizard of Oz with my family. I liked The Music Man and Labyrinth. More recently, I liked Hairspray and the High School Musical trilogy. When we went to see High School Musical 3 in the theater, afterwards I was still in the mood for a musical, so we came home and watched Enchanted on DVD.

Mind you , I don't like all musicals - I've never been overly thrilled with Singing in the Rain or The King and I. And there are some I've never bothered to sit down to watch, like Phantom of the Opera, Grease, or West Side Story. Although, I am looking forward to Wicked coming out on film - at least, I hope the rumors are true.

Is liking musicals gay? Perhaps, I suppose it could be my gay side exerting itself.

Or, perhaps, since accepting I am gay - I am simply less inclined to try to hide this pleasure of mine. Maybe the wall I've built up around myself is starting to crumble a bit - and my true character is starting to emerge. Maybe that is what's scaring my wife. I don't feel like I've changed - I feel like I'm the same person I've always been. But, perhaps, she is perceiving a change it me - and she feels like she doesn't know me as well as she thought she did.

On that note, I watched the season opening for American Idol last night. I never even watched American Idol until last year, and then I didn't get involved until they were down to the final 10. This is the first time I've ever watched the initial tryouts, auditions, or whatever they are called.

My son asked "why are you watching this" to which my wife answered "it's dads new favorite show" [did I detect a hint of sarcasm and disgust in her tone?]. He watched it for a few minutes and then got up and left. This morning, my wife told me to go ahead and watch it tonight if I wanted and not feel like I should wait for her.

btw, I wouldn't call it my favorite show. But, she only has herself to blame. She is the one who kept insisting I watch it with her last year. I resisted and resisted until I finally caved in and watched it one night, and then the next and the next - and now I'm hooked. She is the one responsible for my American Idol addiction.

Is Ryan Seacrest gay? I know rumors of his preferences have been circulating for years; and, I know he vehemently insists he is straight - even having a former girlfriend come to bat for him. But last night, when bikini girl said she wanted to make out with him, he said words indicating he would like that (but wasn't sure if it was allowed) - but his body language sure seemed to indicate he wasn't too keen on the idea.

And, do these people seriously not realize how bad they are? Frankly, the show had all of the realism of professional wrestling. But, I'll probably watch it again tonight, with a morbid sense of curiosity - sorta like gawking at an accident on the road. I felt sorry for some of the contestants, even feeling embarrassed for them. But, I have to remind myself that they know beforehand what they were getting into. They know how mean the judges can be, they know it's all going to be filmed and that their face could be plastered on national TV. So, I feel a little sorry for them, but not too sorry.

In other news, was anyone else disappointed in the series finale for Stargate Atlantis? Seriously, I liked the show, but after that pitiful ending, I kinda don't miss it.

The second half of season 4 (and final season) of Battlestar Gallactica - final 10 episodes - is scheduled to begin airing on Friday.

I'm excited

But, I miss Billy - from seasons 1 & 2.

I was hoping they'd figure out a way to bring him back from the dead in season 4 (as a flashback, a dream, a cylon, or whatever) - but according to the rumor mill, it ain't gonna happen.


Scot said...

1. Hooray for BSG coming back.

2. To me, that bikini girl thing does go in the gay column.

3. Rob rented Mama Mia a couple days ago and I had to leave once Pierce started singing. Casting error there.

Beck said...

I couldn't take Pierce singing either, and the story made little sense, but the eye candy was nice and the music was fun.

As for the rest, I think you watch way too much television my friend!

Kengo Biddles said...

Couldn't stand Pierce singing...he should've been the gay one because, frankly, Colin Firth CANNOT pull it off, at all.

Ryan Seacrest is quite likely gay...

and I was not that impressed with Mamma Mia. I much preferred Hairspray.

And I tend to go for just about any musical

Abelard Enigma said...

Personally, I didn't think Pierce's singing what THAT bad - although, from what I had read, I had myself geared up for something pretty terrible - so anything would be an improvement over what I was expecting.

But yeah, it was an OK movie, not as good as I wanted it to be. I'm glad I waited for the DVD.

They were talking about bikini girl on the radio this morning. One of the disk jockeys said "I guess she's the only person in america who doesn't know"

I think you watch way too much television my friend!

We all have our guilty pleasures :)

I actually don't watch that much TV - and just about everything I watch has been recorded on the DVR so that I can fast forward through the commercials.

D. said...

I about died when Pierce opened his mouth to sing S.O.S.! It was so out of the blue and random.. I almost wet myself from laughter!

Scott said...

I think Pierce Brosnan could probably do okay (probably not stellar, but okay) with a different style of music. His voice reminds me a little bit of Randy Newman's. But I wouldn't enjoy hearing Randy Newman sing ABBA either.

Scot said...

Great, I now have this odd urge to hear Randy Newman do an album of ABBA covers.

Sarah said...

Scot, LOL. I needed to laugh!

Evan said...

Josh (invisible) lovvves BSG. I thought it was kinda weird. The original series was created by a Mormon, for the record.

And I still haven't seen Mama Mia. I remember it came out to theaters the same weekend as Dark Knight, and one of my gay friends there was raving over going to see Mama Mia that weekend. I thought he was nuts.

Philip said...


Tonight boredom drove me to watch American Idol for the first time ever and I actually enjoyed it.

My favorite was the Indian guy with the soulful voice.

Guess I'm going to get hooked now, too.


Scot in NYC said...

Abe, unless you watch and love West Side Story, you will never be a full fledged gay!